Monday, August 27, 2012

Friday Adventure: Food Truck Bazaar

Last Friday night, The Husband and I met some friends for dinner. It wasn't just a normal dinner - we were going to a food truck bazaar!!! We were excited and then we did some research and found that they were expecting at LEAST 1000 people! sheeesh! AND that the trucks run out of food...bummer =/
We still thought it could be fun, so after work, The Husband and I met up at the truck bazaar. 
It was fun - we met up with our friends and picked a line to stand in....thirty minutes later, we literally hadn't moved. The Husband was really hungry and starting to get a little grumpy, so we went to find everyone to say 'good-bye' and go somewhere else. As we were finishing up seeing everyone, The Husband saw a truck with no line! So he ended up eating there.  He had a Jambalaya Po' Boy sandwich.  He said it was very tasty.  I wasn't feeling any of the food at the moment so we just continued wandering until everyone else was ready to leave. 

We all left together and actually went and hit up a local eatery. It was fun - a HUGE group of us smooshed into this place but it was awesome. I love going to more 'intimate' style places where the atmosphere is casual and laughter is welcome because we do a LOT of that =) 

There was a cupcake truck there with amazing cupcakes! my sister bought 6 and Christy's mom bought 6. Her mom ended up sharing with everyone.  The Husband and I split a cupcake called The Pineapple Princess. It was definitely THE BEST CUPCAKE EVER!
Pineapple Princess
Pineapple Princess
The Pineapple Princess is the perfect summertime treat! Our sour cream pineapple cake (made with real pineapple) is topped with an Italian Coconut Meringue and freshly toasted coconuts!

I want another but apparently the cupcake company ONLY runs at events like this. BUT I did find out that they cater...they may have to cater this cupcake to me because it is Monday haha =) 

All in all - I probably won't attend another food truck bazaar unless we pre-eat before we go so that standing in line for an hour and a half doesn't make me too grumpy =) It was a fun Friday night event and our super-not-so-awesome phone service kept us from being interrupted while we were at the bazaar...literally we had ZERO in circle with a line through it! Annoying on any other day, but that night I was thankful to that we could give each other undivided attention; without interruptions. 

What did you do this weekend?
Have you ever been to a food truck Bazaar?


Carolyn said...

There was a cupcake food truck!?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?!?! Jealous. Yum. Oh my gosh. I just drooled on my keyboard. Oops! :)

Syndal said...

oh my gosh crazy!! that would be more fun if it wasn't sooooo busy!

Kristen said...

So fun!! And cupcake truck = the best truck ever.

Betty said...

This sounds amazing. Although I agree with you about pre-eating before food trucking it. We had a similar situation happen to us when we were in Portland, and it's no fun getting grumpy when you just want to chow down!

The Daily City® said...

Thank you for trying "The Food Truck Bazaar." My name is Mark and I am the producer. I apologize for the long lines. Had we known the crowd would be that large, we would have brought more trucks. I hope you wil give "The Food Truck Bazaar" another shot in the future. Thank you!