Thursday, August 9, 2012

My New Favorite Kitchen Thing

*The opinions of this post are solely my own. I was not approached by Pampered Chef nor did I receive compensation for my review
A couple weekends ago, my mom hosted a Pampered Chef Party.  It was the third one I have been to this year.  The first party piqued my interest in the product again but I wasn't in a position to buy anything. BUMMER! My Seeeester had a Pampered Chef party a couple months later and a I just bought 1 item.  My mom just hosted one a couple weeks ago and I ordered this little beauty! :

The Small Baker! 
To say I LOVE this thing is an understatement! The best part?! I can use this baby in the oven OR the MICROWAVE! SHUT UP!!! No really!  I can! I'm so excited.  

Now I know what you are probably thinking - or your significant other is thinking - no WAY am I eating microwaved meat.  I was skeptical initially too.  But then at the 3 shows I recently went to, the rep used it so I had first hand taste-tested the food prepped in it. AND My mom and sister had purchased one and SWEAR by it.  I ordered it and could hardly wait to get it in! 

Well it arrived on Tuesday night! My mom brought it to my yesterday morning and I used it last night!!! People - before you walk away from this post, I HAVE to tell you how amazing this thing is!! 

I have been with The Husband now for nearly 5 years and he has ALWAYS been the one to make any meal using fish. I had never been around much fish until I met him. The man is truly a hunter/gatherer! He loves to fish and, well, being the amazing significant other that I am, I learned and participated in his hobbies. Who knew I would grow to enjoy and love them so much?! I don't clean the fish (ick!) and I have never cooked any of it...until LAST. NIGHT! 

We were both REALLY impressed - ANNNNNNNDDDD it only took FOUR MINUTES! in the microwave. It was DELICIOUS.  I am so so glad I bought this and it is DEF my new favorite piece of kitchen-ry.  

I guess all I ever needed was a rock and a microwave ;) 

Do you have any Pampered Chef ware?


Unknown said...

I just hosted a Pampered Chef party and that was one of the many free things I received. I haven't used it yet though! Can't wait to try it out. Have you hosted one? I received over $600 in free stuff because I sold so much and July was a special bonus month for hosts. It was crazy! Well worth it!!!!! :)

I'm hoping to try chicken in it soon :)

carissa said...

yes! i want one. maybe then i'll enjoy cooking. ; )