Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting Better With Age

Let me just say, I am SUPER excited for The 20/20 Experience to be released...only a couple more days! YAY!!!

I have to be honest, I didn't love him when he was with N*SYNC.  First off, I didn't even LIKE them until I saw them at a concert.  When I heard their harmonies live...well that totally changed my outlook.  I think I have previously discussed that if an artist is terrible live I quit listening to them.  Well the opposite is also true, I will start listening to an artist if they are awesome live.  OK for the most part...I'm not a huge Kenny Chesney fan but he is awesome live. I don't like listening to his music on the radio/iPod but live, he was awesome.

When I started listening to N*SYNC, they were on their way 'out' and JT was going his own way.  I honestly wasn't sure he was going to have a stellar career...and then he released Future Sex/Love Sounds. I actually bought that CD when The Husband and I were on our first date. We were wasting time before the movie started and went to Best Buy =)  Hmmmm that was a fun memory =)


THIS was not my favorite look of his

I am loving me some grown-up Justin though!

Is it just me, or does it REALLY seem like men start getting better looking as they age? That seems wrong, doesn't it?! There are LOADS of examples of this...My husband, I swear, gets better and better looking! Ha! I don't know if it is an age thing or WHAT but it seems that with each passing year, a larger percentage of the male population looks better and better.  

James Caviezel
Such a BABY here!!!

Person of Interest
Hello! I'm interested! ;) 

George Clooney

Brad Pitt

I think I make a fairly valid point! Regardless - I am going to be one of those people on Friday making a bee-line for Mr Timberlake's new music. For your enjoyment...

Do you think men get better with age?
will you be getting the new JT music?



Faith said...

I completely agree that many men get better with age. Kinda unfair since many women start to wrinkle with age :/

I'm so excited for his album. He is incredible. I'm happy to report that I've always like him, haha.

Nicole said...

I'll give you all of them except Brad Pitt... he's an exception. In that picture, good... with his hair long, BAD! :) IMO obviously :)

Betty said...

I totally agree. And it's not fair! But at least my childhood crushes will continue to be my same crushes for years to come. Sidenote...Jim Caviezel is from my hometown so he will always be extra darn attractive. :)

Adrienne said...

Totally agree with this!
I think it has to do with personalites and the way they dress themselves too. (I think better fashion comes with age)

JT is looking ADORABLE with his vintage flairs! Mmm mmmmm!!

But I agree. I loved N*Sync, but JT wasn't for me as he was for so many other screaming girls.
Future Sex/Love Sounds - LOVE that CD! OBSESSED with that CD. My husband and I have a lot of "songs" off there... Summer Love being one of them! Since that's how our romance began <3

And it definitely helps that my husband has a bigger crush on JT than I do ;) Cannot wait for his new CD!