Thursday, March 21, 2013

Surprise Anniversary Date

This past weekend The Husband planned a surprise day trip for our 3rd wedding anniversary, which we celebrated last week. This day trip was a secret the entire time - even during the drive to the destination he wouldn't tell me. It wasn't a short drive either - for a couple HOURS I had no clue where we were going or what we were doing. Talk about a LONG ride!  I didn't even know what to wear, I knew we would be outside but I still couldn't decide what to wear. I put on jeans the morning of and took shorts.

On the way down I realized I forgot my sunnies and asked if we could stop somewhere for me to buy a new pair. When we FINALLY got on the main road to get to where ever he was taking me, we found a Kohls - one of my favorite stores. The Husband decides he needs a whole new outfit for the day while we are there! That one didn't plan for us being outside and it being warm. It was like 80* Saturday!!! I did find me some super cute tortoise shell sunnies!

We got back on the road and less than 10 minutes later I found out where he was taking me - a wild animal compound/safari!!!! Here is how it works - you drive your vehicle through this compound FULL of African animals that are roaming wild.  Then you leave the compound and go through the mini zoo. Now, if you WANT, you can pay for an insider type of tour. That was the other surprise - The Husband set up a private photo tour for us. This meant we would have a guide, be able to roll the windows down, AND get up close and personal to a lot of the wildlife.

The tour wasn't for a few hours so we did the walk thru part of the excursion first. This area wasn't huge but it was a lot of fun to wander around, holding hands and seeing the animals. AND I fed a giraffe!!!!!
Here is the crazy thing - we walk up and there aren't any giraffes nearby.  I was bummed but The Husband asked the attendant if they would come over once we had food. The attendant said "come here Bobby" and I'm not even lying the giraffe started walking over!!! I couldn't believe the giraffe was being called over by name. Like a pet!!! It was amazing!

We found the Lory aviary where we could feed the pretty birds.

We actually didn't have any more cash but decided to go in anyway. I'm so glad we did because The Husband was able to get one to eat a Hibiscus flower out of his hand!

Can you tell he wears jeans ALL the time?!

After we ate lunch, it was time for the 'safari'. We started out in a station wagon with back windows that only rolled half way down.  we talked to our tour guide and told her we were not happy with that SO she got us into a blazer and the windows went ALL THE WAY DOWN! yay! satisfaction achieved.

We took over 200 photos for the day but I will save you from all that and show you some of my favorites.


On the way home, we decided we needed some ice cream, so we stopped for Blizzards. I got the mint oreo - pass, if you get the chance by the way.

It was definitely one of my favorite anniversary things we have done so far...not that I have many to compare haha.  We only just celebrated our third year of marriage and are officially into our fourth.  I honestly don't know how we have already been married that long - it seems like we JUST tied the know.  But so much has happened in the past three years and our lives are very different.

For those who don't follow me on Instagram, here is the photo collage I made for the past four years on our wedding day/anniversary.

Happy Almost Friday!!!


Adrienne said...

OMG, that giraffee photo at the end! I want to blow that up and frame it!!!!!

BTW, I totally laughed at this comment:
"Can you tell he wears jeans ALL the time?!"

HA HA! YES!!!! My husband is the same way. But we don't live in FL! ;)

This is such an amazing trip!!!
I love so much that he surprised you!

And you look so gosh darn gorgeous!!!!!


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, again! We're close behind ;)

Michelle (michabella) said...

That is awesome!!!

Printed Bonnet by AyoBE said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like it was fun!

Jamie Hirujo said...

LOVE the giraffe pic!

Katie said...

AWWWWW! Seriously, what a great surprise! That is so sweet that he planned the entire thing. Love the pictures!

Kristen said...

What a cool way to celebrate! Happy Anniversary!

love jenny xoxo said...

You two are sooooo cute together!!! And great photos, looks like a blast!!

{love jenny xoxo}