Thursday, June 14, 2012

If We Lived in the 1800's, We Would Have Amazing Furniture

I am fortunate enough to be married to a very VERY handy guy. 
Some guys are handy; some are not.
It didn't really matter to me one way or the other but I will tell you that I definitely reap so many benefits of him being SUPER handy.  Like the flooring we installed in the new house - check out the 'Our Home' posts from December =) 
OOORRRR the Shoe Shelf he made me here

Seriously it is amazing. But the thing we had NOT attempted was going all out and 100% building a piece of furniture.  To be honest - I have these grand ideas for different pieces that I want in the house. Some are definitely attainable; others.....well they will probably be trial and error pieces! 

Before we moved into our new house, I found this AMAZING DIY blog...
this isn't any NORMAL DIY stuff - this is like build your own furniture and never pay for brand new/full price at a retail store kind of thing. It is intense.
Some of you may have heard of the Ana White Blog
So amazing - first of all.
It is a blog FULL of furniture plans. seriously awesome.

While perusing it last week, I decided I wanted a nightstand. 
There HAD to be instructions on it that we could handle. 
THERE WAS!!! I was so excited! 

SO naturally - I email the link to The Husband
"Can we do this pretty please?!" 
no response...
immediately text: "CHECK YOUR EMAIL PLEASE"
Call: "Babe what are you doing?!"
TH: "Working. what's up"
ME: "did you get my text or email?"
TH: "you mean the ones that I got at the same time? yeah, got it"

OK so I'm REALLY REALLY annoyingly impatient. 
So what - he knows that =) 
Anyhow he agreed! I was so so excited! 
We went out on Saturday morning and bought everything we would need...
or so I thought...

We got home and immediately started building.
That is when we discovered that I forgot to add the legs to my list of materials...yes...the legs. 
So we made all our cuts and put it together as best as we could before dinner on Saturday.  Sunday morning we made our trip to the hardware store and picked up the rest of the materials.

Here it is; pre-stain and pre fancy legs!!!
I was SO stinkin' excited about it!!!! 
Next to stain.we picked up a really dark brown that we figured would look black.
well...after two coats, it definitely looked black! 

We are so so thrilled with the outcome! 
We have already started planning the next piece of furniture we will build.
I want a buffet or sideboard style piece in the living room on our bare wall...
Here's one more pic =) 

EEEP!!! SO awesome! I LOVE having a nightstand AND this one cost like $70 versus the $250 it would have cost to purchase the matching brand new night stand...this one is way more perfect for me =) love it!

Is your significant other handy?
have you tried your hand at furniture?



Faith said...

it looks incredible!

and i wish hubs was handy ... he is most certainly not, haha. good thing he is great at other things!

Carolyn said...

You built that?!?!??! SO COOL!!! Love it! Can you build me some stuff? I'll send over a list. :)

Amber - Binkertation said...

WOW - I can't believe that came together so quickly. That's awesome. said...

that looks awesome, good job

Kelly said...

It turned out great. I don't think I could do the whole furniture thing, but you made it look easy! Love it!

Katie said...

John told us about the night stand he built you. It turned out great. I love all the details! Handmade furniture is so much better! Coincidentally, we are going to hear Ana White speak on Thursday at a blog conference! She is pretty darn amazing!