Friday, October 5, 2012

Ode to Friday and the Amazing Things toWhich I am Anticipating


I am SOOOOO happy it is Friday! It has been a long week so far.  That is probably because I have been anticipating a couple things this week, including my girl's upcoming wedding! I'm so so excited about it! I have been working diligently with her to get all these amazing details sorted out and made.  I can't wait to see it all come together! =)  I will definitely be dedicating a post to the things we made for the wedding.  I'm so proud of all the things we did!

I am planning on a pretty chill night...oh who are we kidding?! I am going to get my bangs - yes only my bangs - trimmed and then I hope to get a little shopping done.  Just a couple things, maybe some cute accessories =)  That is if I don't work late - blech =/

Saturday is another long run - The past three Saturdays have started with an 8 mile run. The first was BRUTAL! The second was awesome and I felt fabulous -- of course that was the first time that I had not gone out, partied, or stayed up late the night before.  That MIGHT have something to do with it, no? Last week was rough; we only ran once during the week so we weren't really prepped for the 8 miler.  I don't know what distance we are planning for tomorrow..we may up it only a half mile - I'm afraid of 9 right now but hopefully we can push through tomorrow morning.

Sunday will be all about priming and going to the wedding. I. CANT. WAIT!!!! For reals I am so thrilled to have been such a big part of their planning and making all the little details so special for this couple. Oh and they are an amazing couple to be around! I'm excited to share everything next week!

And Now for my countdowns =) 
2 Days until the Kennedy wedding
4 Days until The Husband and I have been together 5 years
6 Days until an amazing Friday - can't wait to go play
11 Days until Save the Ta-Ta's Bunco at Corin's
18 Days until Kelley's Pinterest Party
25 Days until Halloween
28 Days until my Couple's Pampered Chef Party
35 Days until the Jr League Holiday Market
47 Days until Thanksgiving and the Turkey Trot
54 Days until Mommy's Birthday
56 Days until the Half Marathon for which I am training
63 Days until The Reindeer Run
80 Days until CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Happy Friday For Real!!
What are you looking forward to in the last 85 days of the year?


J and A said...

Love the count down!! So many fun things happening!! 80 days until Christmas! So awesome!!

Corin said...

Ohh OOOHHHH! Bunco party weeeeeeee! Smooches! =) Have fun on Sunday and take a TON of pictures so we don't have to wait two weeks until Jackie's return! :D