Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Hey Y'all!!! I'm THIS close to being available again lol! I have been working my tail off with my girl Jackie to get her wedding stuff together and finished.  Tonight I have one more project and tomorrow is her last day at work before the wedding! I can't wait for Sunday! I have my outfit picked out, shoes, jewelry and jewelry made, and I am READY!  
I had so much fun linking up with The Vintage Apple last week, I thought I would do it tonight =)

All my favorite pins from this past week are food/beverage related =) YAY!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Go check it out and link up! AND make sure you have a Pinterest account lol - I LOVE having all my ideas/recipes/etc pinned in one place instead of clogging up my favorites/bookmarks.  Happy Halfway Through the week y'all!!!


Faith said...

Omg, get in my belly! ALL of it!!

Jenny said...

That cake looks to die for!! Yum!!!