Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh Wednesdays - I Really Adore You

I love Wednesdays here in the blog-o-sphere.  It has become my favorite (sort of my only) day of blogging.  I really enjoy the WILW link up.

My mom told me a long time ago that she can tell when something is amiss.  I quit talking about that area of my life. When it was relationships, I would avoid the subject altogether...sometimes I just wouldn't call home for days. Then something would change and I would be back to right. 

Once she told me about this little habit, I have been very aware of know the 'break-the-glass' metaphor? How I Met Your Mother dedicated an entire episode to this concept. Well it has come to my attention that in addition to not calling home or talking about the issue underneath, I have also avoided my happy little blog. That realization made me sad!! I have LOVED blogging and the entire blogging community.  Looking back, I kind of let it slip all of November and then I was better for a little bit...I think it was because of the holiday season. It always makes me so happy!

So here it is Wednesday - the day I look forward to posting.  I link-up and talk about all the things that I love.  It is anything from a new piece of jewelry to some candy I just had to my amazing husband and wonderful family.  It always makes me happy and puts me in a better place when I link-up. 

I thought about this over the weekend and Monday I started a new habit.  Whenever I can, I think about the things I am loving that day.  It has for the most part helped my mood outside of The Issue that I don't want to talk about. I am so happy that Jamie started this link-up and that I found it one December day back in 2010 =)

So without further adieu - I am linking up!

I'm Loving that I cut my bangs yesterday.  No seriously I LOVE it!
 photo 20a0dd69-a6f2-4a76-be05-a1b01a428b90_zps32abce18.jpg

I'm Loving that we are halfway through the week

I'm Loving Grumpy Cat!  The Husband and I were looking at various pictures and really having a good laugh about them.  This one is SOOOO my husband. 
This is my husband haha
I'm laughing at this again! I can't help myself.

I'm loving that last week, I was able to run 12.6 miles throughout the week. The shoes and inserts I have are incredible.  I have felt absolutely NO discomfort since investing in them! I'm really blown away by this.  I think getting back into my routine of running and starting to see results already are helping push past things.

I'm Loving the amazing people in my life who support me and pick me up when I am down. I'm so blessed with amazing family. My extended is included in this - some of you have been especially supportive and loving recently.  You'll never know how much that means to me. Family - you are the absolute greatest!

I'm loving that today my sister and I were total twinsies!
We even wore the same colored pants today! I'm so blessed to have an awesome sister. I can't wait to shop with her again - that may have to be a recurring thing!!

I'm loving my husband. He works so hard for us - to give me everything I could ever want.
He does everything he can to give us the life we have and to reach the goals we have set for ourselves.  It isn't always easy - after nearly three years of marriage, we are still learning about one another, ourselves, and our relationship. I love every moment, all of them, the good, the silly, the serious, and the occasional fight.  There is no one else with whom I would rather fight.

What are you loving?
Be sure to link-up!


April Rowell said...

Glad to see you posted. I thought you've been a little MIA :) Hope everything is going well Whatever your troubles are I pray they just fade away!

Kristen said...

I almost don't recognize you! haha The bangs look great though!

Adrienne said...

I cannot for the life of me remember that HIMYM episode.....

However, I totally agree.

Focusing on the positives really make the world a better place... I have my own issues that I'm almost 100% over. But then there's those "moments". So I go straight to happy thoughts. And remind myself how lucky I truly am. :)

Your sister and you are so adorable! I can't believe how matchy matchy you two are! It's way too cute!