Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I'm Loving!!!

There are so many things to love – even on a glooming day like today.  I’m linking up with This Kind of Love for What I’m Loving Wednesday.  You should go link up and share everything you are loving =)

I’m loving that I was able to talk to my best friend today at lunch.  I lost all my contact numbers when I dropped my phone in a toilet a few months ago.  This included her number.  She was one of my bridesmaids and I consider her probably my closest friend.  She moved to NC about two years ago so I don’t get to see her often.  So after I received my new phone, I had to find all my contacts again…thankfully (or not so thankfully depending on your stance) a LOT of my FB friends have their phone number linked to their FB profile.  When I linked my FB account with my phone, BAM! I imported EVERYONE to my phone…funny side bar – I accidentally butt dialed a girl from high school a couple weeks ago and I haven’t talked to her SINCE high school!!!  Anyhow, she does not have her number on her account.  So today I finally used my brain and googled her because I knew she was a realtor and had a website.  There was her number! Oh! Happy day!!!!! So I called her earlier today and was so happy she answered ESPECIALLY after she told me that her and her husband are expecting their first child at the end of MAY!!!!!!! I am so glad I was able to reconnect with her after my phone incident. Her baby party (not shower!) is in two months and I wouldn’t miss it for anything! I can’t wait to see her!
I’m loving my new running shoes – I was fit for new shows last Friday after going to the doctor who recommended I invest in some good shoes and inserts. 
 It was a bit more money than I would normally spend BUT I went on my first two mile run on Monday!  I haven’t been able to go that far since the beginning of December!!! I still felt some pressure/slight discomfort, but I made it and that was huge! Tonight I am going to tackle another two MAYBE three depending on how I’m feeling.
I’m loving that my father-in-law bought me this tool box..
And then The Husband painted it for me yesterday while I was at work to girl it up!!!
The box is going to be used for jewelry making supplies storage.  I LOVE it and can’t wait to fill it up with all my supplies.  I opt for tool boxes because they are SO much cheaper than buying a ‘jewelry’ storage box…they are the SAME thing but more expensive…actually I have more options taking this route.
I’m loving my order from The Container Store! I can’t wait to get the ‘office station’ set up and in working order! 

I’m loving the teardrop bib necklace I ordered for a STEAL from Very Jane – Thanks Adrienne for telling me about that little gem of a site!
I was toying with the idea of DIY-ing it because I knew it was possible but when I found it for $4.99 I could NOT pass it up and it would have cost more to DIY! I won’t get it until the end of next week or the beginning of the following week.  I’m so amped about it!

I’m loving The Husband – he is so amazing and I love that he embraces my antics/silliness 

What are you loving today?!



Jennifer said...

I'm obsessed with The Container Store. I wish we had one here.

Stopping by from What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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Faith said...

The necklace is perfection! I love it!

I love your new sneakers too!