Friday, August 2, 2013

Bottoms Up


I don't know about y'all but I am so looking forward to the weekend! not that those feelings differ from any other week!! I thought The Husband was going to have to be out of town for the weekend but he isn't! WOOO!!! I love spending time with that man =) 

We have a couple different option of what to get into this weekend - happy hour, margarita-fest...yes you read that right. MARGARITA FEST!!! 
It is all you can drink margs downtown! shut up - I know! I LOVE me some margaritas! The only roadblock at this moment is that The Husband doesn't love to go downtown sooooo maybe we will do happy hour at a Mexican restaurant that serves 2 for 1?!  

I'm definitely going to do my best to convince him to take me to SOME sort of happy hour where I can drink up some margaritas because I'm really feeling that cuisine at the moment!  Maybe I can convince him to take me to the beach so I can soak up some sun AND margs...I won't hold my breath for that one haha!

And while I KNOW this song isn't necessarily about drinking, the title is at least relevant haha! 


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