Thursday, August 8, 2013


Before you go and get too excited, this isn't that kind of post.  I know I know - I could at LEAST grace you with a little eye candy of that kind of teasing right?!

sooo if any of you follow me on twitter you would know that, sadly, I had all but run out of my beloved lipstick by Urban Decay.  I went to the store to pick up more when I discovered that UD was no longer even PRODUCING lipstick! just gloss...umm sometimes gloss is just too sticky and leaves a funny feeling on my mouth. Plus every time I use gloss I think of what my friend Tim told me:

"Lipgloss is like condoms for lips"

It's kiiiiinda true.  I still laugh about it and unfortunately, I use to love lip gloss but don't wear it too often any more.  PLUS my lips are pretty pale so I like having a little pop of color.

Enter: Urban Decay Lipstick in Naked.
I bought it about 2 months before our wedding. I instantly fell in love with the creamy formula and the color.  it was neutral, subtle without being non-existent.  I LOVED it.  Well it finally got down to the very bottom of the tube and I couldn't buy more.  So I spent a LOT of time trying to find a dupe for it...after weeks (maybe even months) of searching, I found NYX Thalia
 photo 6b9e970e-dea6-4375-bb37-0a87c60866bf_zps8b46d011.jpg

As you can see - the match is PRETTY close.  The reality is it is actually very different - NYX is a touch darker and not nearly as creamy as the UD.

Fast forward a few weeks to last night.   LAST NIGHT people.  I was sitting at the table while The Husband was making dinner and I was getting ready to flip through the new Ulta ad and there it was ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!

I honestly could NOT believe it so I went to UD's website:
 photo 8efdeba0-6b31-4af6-b57f-2491f9329f25_zps57e4645e.jpg
There it is!!!  I am so excited! I know the price is a little high for lipstick but that sucker lasted me three years! ok it probably wasn't THAT long because for the first year I didn't use it EVERY DAY but after that I was pretty faithful in putting it on at least once a day.  So this girl will definitely be picking that sucker up in the next couple days.  To say I'm excited is, sadly, an understatement! I told The Husband that I will buy one now and hope for one in a stocking at Christmas haha! That should last me a while!
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Jessica and Stephan said...

That's awesome!

I remember being so upset when my perfume was discontinued, and trying to find a replacement, horrible. I finally did find something that I liked just as much, and was almost an exact match...but not until 5 years later. I had to settle for something I didn't love love love.

SO, I am super excited that you found your lipstick! The price is totally worth it, if you like it that much :)