Monday, August 19, 2013

Out In the Sticks

The Husband and I went on a mini vacation this past weekend.  Nothing uber thrilling to most but we were somewhere that our phones BARELY worked and we didn't have an agenda.  Not one thing was set or scheduled.  It was absolutely glorious! 

We arrived Friday night and played at the bar...the home owners built a separate bar building on their property.  It was so neat and beautiful! and can we just say RELAXING?!
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We stayed in a small, adorable little house.  I didn't snap any photos but it was so quiet out there.  I mean there wasn't any noise save for the a/c unit kicking on.  And when the lights were off, I couldn't see my hand in front of my face!  Now, I'm a city girl - born and raised.  I'm used to the noise of traffic and having street lights.  The Husband on the other hand is a country boy so he was in his element.  

We woke up fairly early on Saturday morning and went back to the main house for breakfast.  This woman can COOK some mean meals y'all! I am pretty sure I just ate all weekend. Shortly after breakfast, The Husband took me 4-wheeling.  MY FIRST TIME EVER!! 
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I told him I was excited that we are still going to have SO many firsts together =)  I am pretty sure he thinks I'm ridiculously mushy and sentimental!!

When we got back to the house, we went shooting.  It was a pun intended.  Oh and we weren't dressed in our camo JUST to shotgun shoot, we went 4-wheeling that morning and then we were going hunting that afternoon.
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 photo null_zps864f911a.jpg   photo 3af6f19b-1f15-4bc1-9897-66d099119fd3_zps196ba775.jpg  photo caca3f38-6d2c-49c5-b6fe-014faa7a2564_zpsde53cd4f.jpg
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I told The Husband I want to go shooting more.  Hopefully we can find a place to do that.  We do have a friend who offered to take us out to his orange groves so maybe we will take him up on that. 

That night we all had EVERY intention of going back to the bar and playing games.  Well between the ridiculous summer heat and not getting much sleep the night before combined with the amazing dinner that was cooked, we were all pretty much passed out before 10! 

Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day, so we went out in the bay for a few hours and some drinks.
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There were a total of 10 of us doing stuff together at almost any given moment.  The Husband and I had such a wonderful time together, hanging out, having some drinks, and telling lies ;)  We are trying to plan another trip up there but the when is a huge factor.  The next three weekends look to be booked pretty solid.  After that, I may need a weekend of downtime! 

So now we are back to reality, I'm a little lobster-esq from our little stint on the water yesterday and I am trying really hard not to day dream too much about our wonderful weekend.  Happy Monday everyone!

How was your weekend?
do you love uninterrupted weekends with your significant other?
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Printed Bonnet by AyoBE said...

Beautiful! Looks like it was definitely a fun time away. Mini-vacations are the best because it gives you a quick jolt of fun.

Katie said...

Fun!! Love all your pictures. Sometimes mini-vacations are just what the doctor ordered!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Nothing beats a mini getaway when you really need it! The hubs and I just spent a few days in Chicago and it was so wonderful being alone together!

Kristen said...

Looked like a wonderful weekend!

Jessica and Stephan said...

sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I'm glad that both of you enjoyed it so much. And no, I don't think you're too sentimental!

AiringMyLaundry said...

That looks like a lot of fun!