Friday, February 11, 2011

J & A Chronicles: Wedding Day Pt 1
: : Getting Ready : :

Real quick unrelated note: I went to the doctor.  I have something that is just going to last another week. He can't prescribe me anything. Thanks have a nice day. ANNOYED! haha -- oh well at least today I'm actually feeling and looking better =) OK Back to our regularly scheduled program!

I woke up on March 13, 2010 prepared to become a wife. I was SO excited!! I was up before 7! My bridesmaid Krissy got up with me and we went for a run.  She is the one who helped keep me motivated - she was my workout bud!
After the run, all the girls met me at the room I was staying in.  We all jumped into Anngela's car and drove to the hair salon. I was anxious and NO ONE would let me talk to my groom-to-be. =/ boo! We got to the hair salon about 20 minutes early. The OWNER who was doing my hair had CALLED another client and told her to come up because 'brides are always late'. Um, unprofessional much?! I wasn't happy but I wasn't going to cause waves with the woman about to do my hair. So now SHE is late and finally gets to my hair at 9:50.  At 10:00 AM she says she has to leave by 10:15!!! to go to Gainesville for another client. I was REALLY upset.  She also didn't do my hair the same as the trial the week before. I didn't like it at all.  I felt like an '80's Texas pageant queen. NOT OK.  When she left, the other girls that worked at the salon gave my bridesmaid Lindsay (who is a stylist in MS) a lot of product so that she could help my hair when we got to the hotel. This woman left some of the hair UNCURLED - what the heck?! This is what I looked like =/
Please excuse the no makeup haha =)
On the way back to the hotel we stopped to pickup Subway. Brides-to-be EAT!!! I wasn't hungry AT ALL for like 3 days but eating was one of THE best decisions I made that day...besides saying I Do of course =)

We finished eating and started putting our makeup on. Lindsay also does makeup at her salon.  To help keep me calm, she did mine. YAY! That was one less thing I had to worry about.  Have I mentioned that my girls are amazing?!


Time for the bridesmaids to finish getting ready so we could get me dressed and start taking pictures with the photographer.

Krissy got ready with her jeans on still.  She says "why is it so hot in here? OH! oop!!" It definitely helped me relax =)

My girl Lindsay made me beautiful!

It was finally time to put me into my dress.

Everyone thought it would be better for my hair if I stepped INTO My gown instead of going under. That was fun haha
Krissy held it up - Jess laced me in - Anngela cooled me off -- Lindsay did her share with my hair and make up so she got to surpervise =)


Each girl helped me with something different once it was time for me to get dressed.

Necklace -- anniversary gift from J


Garters -- handmade by Meemaw (grandma on mom's side)
Finishing touches before going out to take pictures with the bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents =)


Unknown said...

You look beautiful with and without makeup-by the way, the makeup looked fabulous. Your friend did an awesome job! I agree that eating before the wedding is a must!! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Unknown said...

Your bridesmaids dresses are beautiful! I love the colors you chose! And I love how you did the shoes :)

JMB said...

1. How did you manage to keep it together when that hairstylist DID that?!! Your friend/bridesmaid did SOOO MUCH BETTER!!! Your hair and makeup looked gorgeous!!
2. You were a gorgeous bride!!
3. Loved the color of the bridesmaids dresses!!
4. Get to feeling better!!! Have a great weekend girlfriend!!

Young and Fabulous said...

oh my god these are GORGEOUS! And your teeth are like perfectly white!

I'm sorry about your hair fiasco! but your girls did a great job fixing it up! love love it! and your friends makeup she did on you came out amaaazing!

cannot wait to hear the rest!! :) :)


Nicole said...

So beautiful... all of it! And wow, you are approaching your 1 year very fast!

Laura said...

Aww, you got married on my birthday! :) You looked absolutely gorgeous! I wasn't happy with my hair either, but thankfully I liked it better once it was actually time for pictures and I had my veil in. :)

Sara said...

so fun!! you look beautiful :-) what a great beginning to your day.

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

LOL love your annoyed look picture!!! haha I would die if my hair dresser did something like that to me! How horrible... No bride needs that on their big day... the girl that is doing my hair is actually coming to us so that will be a HUGE relief of my shoulders AND we have her for the entire day! THANK GOD

Megan said...

I love all of these pictures!! I would have been SO mad at the hair lady. Ugh! How rude!! You looked beautiful though, so it all worked out!! We definitely ate the day of my wedding! Donuts for breakfast and pizza for lunch! : )

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Seriously, you are the most gorgeous bride ever. LOVED your hair, makeup, dress, shoes...okay, everything!!! Have a great weekend!

It's A Love Story said...

You looked beauiful!! I cant believe that someone would or could be so rude!

Tami said...

I loved reading this post and I can't wait to read the rest of your wedding recap. You were such a gorgeous bride!

Sam W. said...

pretty, pretty dress!! the hair looked great after all :)

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

new follower :)

your pictures are beautiful. your wedding colors are similar to what mine is going to be!

Jessica and Stephan said...

beautiful pictures!! love the bridesmaid dresses! and you look just gorgeous :)

Faith said...

can't believe the hairstylist did that! your BM did it sooo much better! you looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day!!!!