Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

Today I am linking up with Life, Love & Puppy Prints for Thoughts on Thursday. This is perfect because, frankly, I don't have a lot going on right now.
--This is what I look like today =)
J had to leave bright and early this morning and didn't get to see me all ready for work. The people at work don't necessarily care -- which is cool =) SO I thought I would share with some lovelies who care.  That's you!

--These are the socks I wore under my boots today!
I had to show my team spirit today =) ESPECIALLY since my boss is a Dallas fan BIG TIME!

-I am going to be well enough to sing tomorrow night! YAY!! I was worried but I tried singing on Tuesday night and I was at about 65%. I think I'm close to 95% today so I should have no problems tomorrow =) If you are in the CFL area and don't have much to do tomorrow, come out and see me and my brother-in-law play. If you want more info, send me an email and I'll give you the deets!

-My weekend is so full of fun things!! I'm so excited AND there will still be time for J and I to relax and have some one on one time =) YAY! Friday night: singing at the bar. Saturday night: Crossin' Dixon at The Barn. Sunday: SUPER BOWL! WOOO! I'm going to be exhausted come Monday

-I told J last night with him working out of town, I feel like we are dating and he's just in for the night to see me and then has to leave early the next morning to make it back for class haha! I had a relationship like that my first year of college.  I would drive to Jacksonville for the night to say hi to the bf and my parents and drive home first thing the next day. HUGE waste of gas and time and energy -- since it didn't work out and all =) but hey - live and learn!

-I am taking a cue from my friend Anngela, and making cute accessories for the game this weekend. I  haven't quite figured out what I'll do.  Don't worry -- there will be pictures =)

-I am SO excited for my upcoming birthday!! TWO MONTHS AWAY! SO LONG haha but I know it will go by quickly =) I am hoping (fingers crossed) for a new Coach purse
and wallet
and the Husband already promised me an iPhone!
that's right peeps -- I will be up to date and trendy in the field of technology haha =) PLUS my LG Dare has about had it after 2 years of abuse.

-I think I am the only person who didn't know that there is a Hangover 2 coming out this summer!! I'm THRILLED! I can't wait to see it =) I love the first one!

I guess that's all I have for Thursday. Happy Friday Eve to all!!!


DaisyJo said...

That top is such a great color on you.

(ps a little typo turned singing into sining and I admit--I giggled.)

have a lovely day!

westcoastsoul said...

Love that coach purse!

Elizabeth said...

Love the top! Sadlyk, I get up everyday for work and just throw my hair in a ponytail and grab the first top and matching pants I can find. Ha! Hey, I'm lazy. And I did NOT know there was a Hangover 2!!! Ahhh, I'm so excited!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

go pittsburgh!!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I am SO excited for Hangover 2!!! I hope it can live up to the first one. LOVE IT!

I am jeal of your hair!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I have never been to The Barn... can you believe that?! I wanted to see Randy Houser there a couple wknds ago but didn't have anyone to go with. I am going to TRY to make it to see you sing! :)

Have a lovely day! xoxox

Allison said...

I canNOT wait for The Hangover 2 this summer! I LOVED the first one, I will still laugh just as hard if I watched it today. You will love your iPhone, I'm addicted. I could live without a computer as long as I had my iPhone.

Hope you have a good weekend! :D

Amber said...

You look great today. Love your hair. Not such a fan of your socks though! GO GREENBAY! :)

PS - That purse is to.die.for! Oh I wish you hadn't shown me that!!! My bday is in a month and a half and that would be such a great gift!

Sam W. said...

you look fab!! very pretty hair :)

Nicole said...

You look great and the cute socks! Toe socks drive me nuts though so yey for you... I'll send you mine if I ever get anymore... LOL

I hope you are getting back to 100%

Anngela said...

Yayy for starting to master the curling of the hair :) I can't get over how much I LOVE it!!
I can't wait for tomorrow night and this weekend, it's going to be SO much fun! :)
YAY for an iPhone--you'll become addicted :) AND fingers crossed for a we know I don't think it can get much better than that!!
...I still haven't quite figured out what the Hangover 2 will be about? Mini-guy trip turn disaster?! haha

Café Moka said...

You look great girl! Love your hair!
And this wallet is so beautiful! I want one!

Ashley said...


Anonymous said...

I want an iphone now that Verizon is getting them- but I already have a Droid so that would be silly! I'll wait a few years I guess :)

C Mae said...

Nice Toe Socks! LOL Not that they are steelers lol ewww hahah I new they were making a Hangover 2 but I didn't know when it was coming out! Thanks for the heads up!

Unknown said...

hey girl just came across your blog! love the outfit and stealers woohoo! you're looking gorgeous! ps coach purses/wallets are my life. good taste ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing! :)

That purse and wallet are ADORABLE!

Kelly said...

I left you a Blog Award over at my blog =)

Kym @ Travel Babbles said...

Hahaha this is too funny - I also have the LG Dare (STILL) the thing feels like a clunker and reminds me of one of those early carphone cell phones from the 1980s that were bigger than your face!! I'm crossing my fingers I can snag an IPhone this summer so I can be in with the cool technological crowd, but with us moving back to Europe I need an unlocked one and that process just seems to daunting to figure out. Oii vey!!

Katie said...

I can't wait to get an iphone too! My storm is a piece of junk! :)

I may not be a fan of the team on those socks but they are cute! haha

Unknown said...

You look so pretty! Love those socks! Those are some pretty sweet b-day presents you've got coming! xoxo

Megan said...

You look adorable!! Loving the toe socks!!

Pink Champagne, Gatorade, and MRE's said...

loving the steelers socks!!! on my way to work on friday there were people on teh side of the road decked out in steelers gear and waving terrible towels and handing out black and gold cookies!

Faith said...

black and yellow, black and yellow!

i can't wait for Hangover 2 too! i just pray that it is better than 1 because if it isn't, i am going to be sooo disappointed!