Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little Bit of Life

*Life has been pretty low key in our household.  We are quickly approaching our first anniversary and trying to plan for that weekend.  We thought we would get away for the weekend but that doesn't seem to be possible due to J's work schedule and when his coworkers have taken time off. So we are going to make that weekend about us.
I want to go to St. Augustine on Saturday and then on the way home stop in Port Orange at Red Robin. Have you been to this restaurant? It is a chain that is found mostly in the North but there are a few in Florida! I am VERY happy about that =) I mean really -- how could you NOT be excited about a place that serves this:
Yeah that's what I thought haha =)
On Sunday we have already planned a dinner date to a really nice steak place in town. I am looking forward to that.  I am thinking we will hit up the movies that day  -- I am wanting to see Red Riding Hood and The Adjustment Bureau. The former is one of the first scary movies I have wanted to see in a WHILE so The Husband is excited =)

*Do you think it is weird that I plan on sending out another round of Thank You cards as we are approaching our first anniversary?  I am thinking to our photographers -- since they gave us the photography as a wedding gift, our parents and the wedding party. So would that be odd??

*My mom bought a Groupon for a 16X20 canvas print and bought my sister and I one.  We were able to decide which picture we wanted. I used one from our Trash the Dress session.  J picked it actually -- it is one of his favorite pictures:
I haven't figured out where we will hang it.  I LOVE the quality though.  It is so pretty! This one was ordered through
I definitely plan on ordering a couple when we move to our new house and definitely a split canvas:
I love it! I think I will crop it a little differently when I officially order it but I was just playing around real quick =) This one was 'created' at I am in LOVE!

*Week 7: Time*
I am really pleased with my photo interpretation of 'Time' =) What do you think?

*I played with Ruger-dog this weekend -- actually he played, I photographed.  I have been taking him for runs again which I'm sure he loves.  He was starting to get a little thick -- I don't want me a chunky dog haha!
Isn't he handsome?! =) And yes his tongue is ACTUALLY that huge and barely fits in his face haha! =)

*I am officially back to working out -- well at least for the past 2 days. I hope to stay with it, I have missed it.  The running is so good for my spirit and overall demeanor! What helps keep you level?

*This girl has motivated me a LOT.  She is funny and she runs for her mental and emotional health. If you haven't checked her out, head over to The Hungry Runner Girl -- she is amazing and motivating. Her husband decided (through research) that chocolate milk is an excellent source of protein for workout recoveries. I'm loving it! It is like a happy reward/treat for working out =)

*My finger has healed very well -- the tiny stitches are still existent.  I haven't had a band aid on it for the past 12 hours but I am thinking I need to put on back on because I keep messing with the stitches.  That can't be good for it haha =)

Happy halfway through the week lovelies! I hope you are having a good week!!


Allison said...

Your puppy is so handsome! I love his big tongue!

We have a Red Robin close by our house that we used to frequent quite often. If you like spicey, there is a chicken sandwich it's called Rajin Cajun (or something like this) and it's AMAZEBALLS!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I LOVE ST AUGUSTINE!!! Haven't been back in awhile :( Have you been there before?? I know lots of cute places to visit and eat at! <3

Donna said...

I LOVE that trash the dress picture that you chose for your canvas, it's awesome!

Amber said...

We have a Red Robin here in Charlotte and I love it. The chicken sandwich is amazing and bottomless fries! Oh my!

That canvas picture is FABULOUS! I love it! What a great shot of the two of you - I love how laid back it is. :)

Nicole said...

Red Robin... Yum! haha (their commercial).... I love canvas photos. I wish they weren't so danged expensive. The hubs bought me one for Christmas and I'm in love!

Sam W. said...

i loved the hungry runner's chocolate milk recovery drink of choice! so yum :)

Jessica and Stephan said...

I don't think that is odd you are sending another round of thank-you cards. I think its a wonderful idea, and very thoughtful and appreciative of you :)

AiringMyLaundry said...

I love that photo!

And Red Robin. I wish we had one closer to us. I usually get the 5 Alarm Burger.

Megan said...

Your puppy is just adorable! We just got back from a long walk...they loved it. They are definitely out of shape from the winter though.

Literally, I squealed when I saw your comment about Red Robin. I just saw the commercial for THAT exact burger and I was freaking out about it. We don't even have that place here. Ugh. I need it.

Pink Champagne, Gatorade, and MRE's said...

i love your photos and I just started reading Hungry Runner Girl too and love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the canvas! Pretty! Hope you have a great anniversary weekend!

C Mae said...

What a great idea the series of three canvas' from a photo!!! I love it!

Faith said...

your dog is beautiful!

i have never been to Red Robin before ... i find it a bit odd that i haven't.

i think it is so sweet that you want to send out a second round of thank you notes. i think you should def. go for it!

Scientific Housewife said...

We just got a Red Robin that opened down the street and they are good but a tad overpriced. Canvas pics are so fun!

cailen ascher said...

i adore that "trash the dress" print of the two of you. it's so cute and completely charming!

i think the second round of thank yous is a great idea - and so unexpected. i'm sure everyone who receives one will really appreciate it


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

OMG, that pic you chose is AWESOME! I still thinking about doing a trash the dress sometimes...Hmmmmm

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

I don't think it would be weird at all to send out cards to those people you mentioned. Maybe it could be like a thank you/update card... to let everyone know you often think of them and the special roles they played in your life, and also let them know that your marriage is doing really well and staying strong!! :)

d.a.r. said...

Oooh that split canvas is such a neat idea!!

And holy hell. It is 11am and I am drooling at my desk looking at that dang burger.

Lindsay said...

That split canvas looks awesome! Very cool!

Anngela said...

I stumbled across the split canvas idea a few months ago--I will definitely be having one of these of Larry and I one day!! :)