Monday, October 22, 2012

Picking Out The Perfect Outfit....

Happy Monday! 
welll....maybe happy Monday.  it IS still Monday after all! 
My weekend was good - BUSY which means it FLEW by and I didn't get a whole lot of time to relax. BUT it was a good weekend spent with The Husband, which is always a plus =) 

I find that I am more sore today from my 9 mile run on Saturday than I was yesterday but that may be because we were doing so much yesterday? Regardless, I'm tired and sore and have a lot on my mind - the biggest (probably not more important) is finding a blue or purple shirt to wear for family pictures on Saturday. Every year, my parents, sister, and I always take a family photo (see here from 2010) apparently I didn't share last year's photo (which was awesome)...shame on me! This family photo is sent out with our Christmas poem every year. It is usually a lot of fun doing the pictures.  Last year was the first time we did a pro picture and it turned out beautifully! So this year we are going with a different studio.  I don't know if I love that it will be in a studio; i prefer outdoor shoots.  All I can envision is ending up on  or that episode of Friends where Chandler can't take a good picture for his and Monica's engagement announcement. 

Anyhow - my mother just scheduled a photo session for this coming Saturday.  So naturally this PAST Saturday was spent trying to find outfits. EVERYONE found an outfit EXCEPT for me! Of course! So now I am trying to figure out where I want to go to look for something. That my friends, is my deep thinking so far today lol =) 

Alright - time to get to work but FIRST, here is a picture from work last Friday.  We all wore pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Day:

DSC_1694_zps0135ce60 DSC_1694_zps0135ce60.jpg 
Aren't we so pretty?!

AND here is one of my favorite shirts I have seen so far this year for Breast Cancer Awareness/Find a Cure:

Posted by a friend on InstaGram.

Did you show your support on Friday?
What are your go-to stores for new clothes?



Corin said...

Have you seen the shirt that says "Thes are fake. My real ones tried to kill me." Hahaaaaa Love it! Happy Monday sugar- from the next office over :)

Jenny said...

I find that the second day after a long run is the hardest too! I guess your body finally realizes what you did? I love the work photo also, yay for breast cancer awareness!

Faith said...

hahaha, that is a nightmare to end up on that website, lol. so funny to see others on there just not us! :)

hope you find the perfect outfit!

have a great week!

Courtney M said...

Doesn't it seem like when you're LOOKING for a specific color shirt you can't find them, but as soon as you don't need it again it's ALL you see in stores? Good Luck on your search!

PS- Love the Pink tees!