Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's

So it's NOT Tiffany's -- actually it's at our house haha!! ok in all seriousness, John roped me into buying pre-made pancake mix in an aerosol can, kind of like whip cream. It's called ORGANIC (can you believe it?!) Batter Blaster. I was INCREDIBLY skeptical. I actually thought he was joking when we were in the store but hey he was excited about it so we bought it. He's like a kid sometimes -- we barely get in the door from grocery shopping and he wants to start up the stove.
I know what you're thinking -- this can't be good. That is exactly what I was thinking but what could I do, he was so excited about it. And if it WAS terrible, we would only be out $3.
So my wonderful husband cooks up 2 pancakes from this can. Shockingly, the house is filled with sweet homemade pancake aroma -- you know, the kind that use to wake you up on Saturday mornings while your parents were cooking breakfast.
I'm floored that they smell so delectable, let alone EDIBLE! I was expecting to have to fumigate the house once the cooking was over. My sweet, sweet husband fed me bites of these pancakes. SHOCK!!! They are SO YUMMY! and SO easy and so much less of a hassle. I am in the habit of making mine from scratch - so it's messy and a little time consuming and I haven't quite figured out how to not make enough batter to feed a small army. This thing is - well let's be honest - brilliant AND for you health nuts, it's organic! If you only want 2 pancakes, you make 2 and put the rest of the batter in the refrigerator. I am definitely a fan! So if you have kids or don't like the mess or hey aren't the best cook, try some of this. really I was shocked!
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