Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Sew Excited!

This weekend I decided to take on a new project. SHIRT and SKIRT!!! EEEK!!! I didn't have a pattern because I didn't find any that I really liked. I DID, however, find some fun print fabric and a pretty pink fabric. I based my shirt off of tank tops that I already owned. I had absolutely NO pattern at all for either piece. I must say I'm pretty impressed with myself! =)

I had sent my mom a picture asking what she thought. She only commented on my skirt =( I found out later that she didn't realize I had MADE the shirt too! That made me happy =) I love making stuff without a pattern -- it gives me a little more creative design BUT because I'm still so new to the sewing world, I find myself limited in some ways because I am still learning how garments are put together. I really love this outfit -- in fact I'm wearing it today at work and have gotten LOTS of compliments =)


♥ ashley said...

Great job, I would LOVE to start making my own clothes, I just can't find the time! lol.

Katie said...

Love the outfit! How did you make the skirt? Is it elastic waste band or zipper? What does the back have--a kick pleat? Just curios because I've made a few elastic waste band pencil skirts and I'd love to branch out (hint hint do a tutorial for your followers)! :) I've been very satisfied with the few skirts I have made! Especially when people complement it and ask where you bought it, and you can tell them that you made it!!! Keep the awesome projects coming!