Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night Shenanigans

This is my family::
This is what happens sometimes when we go to the store together: (pictures taken 11/19/2010)
No this wasn't staged at all. =) Needless to say we have lots of fun doing our thing. Sometimes we laugh and act inappropriately...who am I kidding, MOST times we are like this.  Yes, it's amazing to have a fun and fabulous family! =) Happy Saturday -- I'm off to see Harry Potter and load up on my carbs for the 1/2 marathon tomorrow! WOO!!


Anonymous said...

Hope your half marathon went really well! Your family is too cute!

Susanne said...

gorgeous! :D

Nicole said...

that's funny :). Hope the 1/2 marathon went great! One good thing, you got to eat carbs ;)