Monday, November 29, 2010

A Recap of Sorts %

Since I saw HP7 I have really been in the mood to watch the first 6 movies.  These movies happen to be on my Day Zero Project list.  Last week, J and I watched HP 1 & 2.  He swore to me he would NEVER watch the movies and was sure he wouldn't enjoy them.  Yeah, he is enjoying the entertainment factor of the movies and keeps saying 'hey lets watch the next one'. =)
I finished my book "Dark Summer".  Iris Johansen writes suspense/mystery with a hint of paranormal.  I enjoyed this book and found it to be a page turner.  It was fun but definitely a little out there =) But I LOVE Iris Johansen and her Eve Duncan saga. You should look into it =)
This weekend J and I watched Shooter.  It's pretty amazing and Mark Whalberg is such a stud! I had seen the movie before, several years ago but it's entertaining.  And did I mention Mark Whalberg -- he is so fun to look at...
I realized this morning that I didn't take ONE picture this weekend =/ AND I was with all kinds of family! I am going to blame it on the fact that I was pretty tired most of the weekend.
Thursday was the Turkey Trot...I've decided 3 days was not enough recovery time after my first half marathon. Oh well I completed it with a less than stellar time but, eh, it was fun. AND I had talked my parents into going and participating!
We had Thanksgiving lunch at my parents and then went to J's parent's for Thanksgiving dinner.  All in all, there was a lot of food consumed that day! =)
Friday I met up with my mom at 3:30!!! ick! Actually it was a lot of fun and people were really friendly.  I went to Best Buy for the first and last time on Black Friday.  Seriously - we were in line for an HOUR to check out.  Otherwise, the lines moved quickly and I spent a good portion of the day with my mom.
We still haven't gotten a tree =/ booo! BUT I am determined to talk J into taking me this weekend and at the VERY latest on Saturday. FINGERS CROSSED please!
Last but not least, I am FINALLY going to do my Rock the Dress shoot this coming Sunday! I am SO looking forward to it and am going to spend a lot of time this week looking for inspiration shots and ideas.  J is even going to participate! I can't wait!!


Nicole said...

Super cool that you get to do the "rock the dress" photos. I'm not even sure my dress would fit right now... LOL

Young and Fabulous said...

i love when i get so into a movie or a show that i want to watch it from season 1. currently doing it for HOUSE!!

xoxo follow me!

JMB said...

Thank you for stopping by my little blog! I am now a member of yours!! I love that you are doing a Rock The Dress shoot! WORRRK it girl!! I actually MISSED going out shopping this Black Friday! I told my boyfriend that when we get married I want to get most of the shopping done before Black Friday comes around so we can find some bargains for the HOUSE and whatever is needed for others!! Sounds like a plan to me!! :) You have to post pictures from RTD!!

cailen ascher said...

hope you get your tree soon! i'm loving mine : ) puts me in a good mood every time i see it!

Ms. Emmy N said...

I was going to do the Turkey Trot here, but it was pouring rain and freezing, so I opted out :( Wish it would have been better weather!

Can't believe you made it shopping at 3:30 am! The deals are incredible, but I never seem to make it that early.

I can't wait to get our tree too! So excited for Christmas!!

redwhitebride said...

for some reasons, i did not enjoy HP7 Pt1 that much. definitely loved the previous ones better. 3:30 on black friday? wow! i had a lazy black friday, as always.

don't forget to take pictures when you get your tree :)

Faith said...

that is sooo great that you are going to do a rock the dress! i seriously should do it! one more excuse to wear my dress again! i don't think i will fit in it right now though. ugh :(

i hope you get your tree soon! we have ours and will decorate on Sunday ... so if you get it on Friday or Saturday you are still right on time, hehe.