Friday, November 5, 2010

J & A Chronicles: 24th Birthday

My birthday is in the middle of April.  We have 2 friends who have a birthday before me.  In 2009, my birthday was Easter weekend and J and I would be out of town.  So I decided to have my celebration the week before my birthday.  That Friday we went to Friday's because at that point, that's how we celebrated birthdays.  PLUS it's one of the few restaurants that don't care if you come in with a loud group of people and take over an area, as long as you aren't destructive.
On Our Way!

Strawberry Daiquiri = My Fave!

Washington Apple Shot

The following night, we went downtown for our friend, Katie's, birthday.  We had sushi at Amura and then went to a couple clubs.  
On Our Way

At this point, all I wanted for my birthday was for J to propose. I wanted to marry him SO badly! I told him it wasn't about the ring for me and I would marry him without a big rock on my hand. He wouldn't have anything to do with that, so I was going to just have to wait.


Unknown said...

Is it pathetic that for a second I thought, is it April?

You guys all look super cute!

Nicole said...

I love both of your shirts!