Friday, November 26, 2010

J&A Chronicles: Wedding Venues 2009

We were graciously given a budget from my parents.  They told us we could use the money as we pleased.  We decided we would use a chunk of it for the honeymoon.  Things were slow with work and we weren't going to be able to save a whole lot for ourselves.  We wanted to stick to the budget we were given as best as we could. 
My daddy was getting ready to retire from the Navy, but would still have access to all the base functions/accommodations.  He suggested we check out the Officer's Club on base.  I had been there in the past for military balls that my parents took us to and I knew the basic layout.  I had also had their catered food and knew it was delicious.  With the average cost of weddings being so outrageously high, I knew it couldn't hurt to check it out.
We went over and looked at it and one of the rooms was already booked for March 13th!! EEEK! If we were going to take this place, we had to move FAST! For a very minimal fee, we could have the room for 5 hours -- minimal being $525.  This included tables, chairs, basic colored linens, bar, gift tables, cake tables, dinnerware/china!!

This is an outstanding deal for those of you who haven't planned a wedding. I knew, however, major creativity and decor ideas would be needed to make this place look how I hoped it would. We booked it with our down payment that day. The following pictures are NOT what I was going for -- it was just a set up for a different wedding.
We walked over to the pavilion and scoped the place out.  I was excited -- it looked great! AND it was really close to the Officer's Club, so transportation would NOT be a problem.

It was all coming together beautifully!!! I called and reserved the pavilion and everything was going smoothly. Until I tried to book the pavillion.  I was told that it was no longer open to being booked for civilian events.  Not to worry -- manager of the O-Club to the RESCUE!! She suggested the T-bar Deck =)
Lower Deck

Upper Deck

That is where we agreed to have the wedding ceremony -- it was perfect.


Anonymous said...

Wowza, $525?! That is a fabulous deal! And it looks like it was a GREAT room! We're still trying to figure out if and how our honeymoon is going to fit in to the budget.

Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of wedding planning! The site of your ceremony looks beautiful! What a view.

Faith said...

ahhh, i remember how exciting it was to look for venues! what a great deal you got!

Nicole said...

Wow that place looks like it was magical!

Sara said...

what a great deal! it looks like the perfect spot!! You were such a beautiful bride. We just got married on 10/23 and I'm happy to find a new "newlywed" blog :-)