Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I May or May Not Be a Hot Mess

No - this is serious....OK it isn't serious at all.
I'm such a disaster sometimes! It is frustrating but funny and it makes me ramble to the server who had the unfortunate luck of bringing me my drink at Sonic. 

First, I pushed the button to place my order...this magical button is the link to the people inside the talking box who make your food come out to your car.  So I push the button and then don't know what to order! UM! HELLLOOOO! Silly girl - the ONLY reason this person is speaking to you is because you signaled you were ready...ugh! so I apologize and hastily order my drink. 

'My Jam' comes on the radio, so I turn up the music a little...and out walks the wonderful dude bringing me the aforementioned order. He stops at the window, smiles, and just stands there.  Look I know I am having a good hair day but GEEZ...but hey I still got it ;) HAHA! then I realize dude is NOT standing here to look at my cute self. He needs me to pay. I'm so flustered because I was so not ready to fork over the payment. As I fumble through my wallet I practically start telling this kid my life story - and my life story I mean the events of the afternoon that have me frazzled anyway. As I am getting my cash out, I apologize because why in the world am I rambling?! 

Here's the thing though, I constantly find myself placing orders and then pulling up to the window and not have money ready.  anyone else have this problem?! 

This is only ONE tiny moment that I think 'girl needs to get it together'.  I'm pretty sure I think that to myself on a daily basis - at the VERY least it happens every other day.  Am I the only one? I refuse to believe that out of all the blogs I come across, that I am the only one that is a hot mess on more than one occasion! =) 

OK so ONE more illustration of my hot mess-dom for today...

When I order something online, I immediately check my order status and make sure the email confirmation shows up in my inbox.  This is a completely normal habit, right?  
The not so normal piece, is I immediately start looking for tracking numbers.  If that isn't bad enough, as soon as I receive tracking information, I check the tracking multiple times a day.  Somewhere deep down in my subconscious, I must believe that by checking it repeatedly, the package will somehow be moved sooner. But I can't make it stop. I have to keep checking. I need the update.  Maybe I need to have FedEx and UPS text me updates...but I still like seeing that little progress bar fill up when the page loads =) 

It really is the little things, Peeps!

So what are your examples of hot mess-dom??


Allison said...

I am the SAME way when it comes to packages. I cannot resist checking to see where it's at, if it's on time, etc.

Adrienne said...

YES, YES, YES! I track and track and track. You actually reminded me on a package I'm still waiting on! ;) I get obsessed.... And I'll stalk the mail man too... Packages make me ubber happy :D

Lauren said...

Girl this just cracked me up! :) I loved the Sonic story! SO me! I never have my stuff together! No worries, you're not alone!


Unknown said...

I needed to read this! You spoke to my heart girl! Heres one...I forgot where I parked @ Target yesterday and my 6th grade son...aka tween who knows all!...said «mom, do you even know your name sometimes?« ha! I was laughing so hard I couldnt be angry...because hes right! Hot mess right here. :) Hillary @ and :)

Unknown said...

Girl this spoke to me! I call myself a Hot Mess on the worries! Hillary @ and :)