Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Peaks, Pits, Praises, & Prayers

I'm linking up with Katie today over at Married...with a pup!
 Married...With a Pup

-Helping my mom shop for my sister's birthday present! I LOVE shopping for people, even when the gift is not for me.  I swear I must have been a personal shopper in a former life. 

-I was having a TERRIBLE day a couple months ago and my parents surprised me with a groupon gift to get a paneled canvas print!!!! EEEE!!! You may have remembered this post from a while ago.  I was finally going to get the paneled canvas I wanted.  We ended up going with the hands image:
from our Rock the Dress shoot. I can't wait for it to arrive... especially since it was ordered December 7th!!! That is well over a month people! I can't wait to get it! Any day now.... 

-Taking the Christmas decorations down...I know I'm a looney! But for real, I feel like our house is not as cluttered now that the decor has been put away.  AND we kept our beautiful nativity displayed so "Christmas" will be displayed all year =) That and our tree was getting PITIFUL!!!! it was really saggy and not happy looking so it was time to come down.

-no more short work weeks for a while! boo!! This week will mark the first week in a month since I have had to work a FULL 5 day work week.  so I guess 'pits' in my case should read 'pitiful' since I am whining about this.  But hey, if this is the low point right now, I'm doing great! =) 

-My father-in-law had a partial knee replacement at the beginning of December.  The incision became infected and he was taken to the hospital where he has been all weekend.  He had surgery yesterday and everything looks great and he is in recovery.

-All our family who traveled this holiday season, did so safely

-The Husband has been working hard to build me all the things my heart desires.I can't wait to share the projects with you in the coming weeks!


-continued recovery for my father-in-law
-I'm thankful for my amazing family
-for my sister and dad (teachers) who mold the minds of our future 
-for my marriage, that it may grow stronger every day
-I'm thankful to have such strong, amazing role models (that's you Mom and Dad!) who help guide me as a friend, adult, and spouse 

I have to tell ya, I'm totally loving this link up!!! go link up with Katie, or make your own private list, you will feel so uplifted after! 


Gina Gao said...

I like shopping for other people too. I enjoyed reading this post very much.


Katie said...

Thanks so much for linking up!! Love your triptych! We got one done for our family room and love it!! And I agree, I love shopping for other people as well. How fun would it be to be a personal shopper?!?!

Faith said...

It really is such a great link up!

I love your list!

That canvas is incredible! I love it :). I feel I need one in mt life.

Hope that your FIL heals smoothly and quickly.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the linkup...I know exactly what you mean about missing those short work weeks. But you're right, if that's all I'm whining about, too, then life is good! :)

Kristen said...

Love the canvas Ashley! :)

I hope your FIL continues to mend well!