Monday, January 7, 2013

Sangria Stain

Happy Monday Everyone!!! 
So I am sharing a project today that was ACTUALLY completed in 2012 but I just didn't get a chance to share.  we had this BIG wall in our living room that has a really big painting on it but there is a LOT of empty space in the room. I decided that I wanted a pretty table to go on the wall.  

We found the biggest problem was going to be finding a table for a price we were willing to pay.  Enter the Internet.  Thank goodness for it too! I found the PERFECT table to put in our living room for this wide open space.  Now the task of convincing The Husband that it is, in fact, that perfect. 

Shanty 2 Chic had the CUTEST farmhouse style desk that she built for their bedroom. I instantly fell in love and THEN I saw how much it cost her to build it.  I knew this was it and it was going to be amazing! and people it IS amazing! I love the table! 

We went to the home improvement store and picked out all the wood for the table.  then it was time for the dreaded color we paint it? do we stain it? We should just go with a wood color...but wouldn't it be fun to have an actual color?! So we decided to stain the table a color...Sangria. 

IMG_9874_zps352fd536 IMG_9874_zps352fd536.jpg IMG_9871_zps785d8c87 IMG_9871_zps785d8c87.jpg IMG_9856_zps407c9f2f IMG_9856_zps407c9f2f.jpg

Don't you just LOVE it?! 
The table is 5' X 2' X 3'.  I love everything about it from design to color to cost! PLUS I helped The Husband build it and that in itself is highly rewarding!!!  Our next couple projects include a coffee table and a possible buffet for the gallery wall - and we are considering making one or both sangria as well!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to get started!

Have you built any furniture by yourself with someone?


LaNesha Tabb said...

AMAZING. i love it. :)
We Are The Tabbs

Corin said...

This is BEAUTIFUL Ash! Loving the color with the wood floors!

Kristen said...

Gorgeous, as always! :)

Katie said...

Great job on the table! It looks like you bought it from the store!!!

Jenny Beth said...

I've been itching to build a farmhouse table with my husband. How hard was this to make? It looks great!