Friday, January 4, 2013

Its Tradition...

"... he always waves at the gate."
I will be SO impressed if anyone other than my mother knows what movie 
this quote is from mainly because it is a bit obscure lol

I don't know why it became a tradition...
I can't remember if it was me or my sister who started it.
All I know is that it is a silly thing but we always laugh a lot when it happens.

The tradition is that my sister and I always stick the bows from presents on ourselves...
Its just what we do. Its silly and it ALWAYS provides tons of laughter and fun. 
I swear one day my parents are just going to buy us each a bag of stick on bows!!! =) 
1930_670945367992_6438_n_zps3b226ea4 1930_670945367992_6438_n_zps3b226ea4.jpg 384829_10100802007382622_302494256_n_zps96c154d9 384829_10100802007382622_302494256_n_zps96c154d9.jpg 396991_10100802070196742_849787588_n_zps87b77920 396991_10100802070196742_849787588_n_zps87b77920.jpg 391041_10100802070940252_1834397555_n_zps08eec148 391041_10100802070940252_1834397555_n_zps08eec148.jpg 734824_10101684234183042_1386127010_n_zps4e8e9eaf 734824_10101684234183042_1386127010_n_zps4e8e9eaf.jpg 25036_10101684233449512_227050526_n_zps53e39776 25036_10101684233449512_227050526_n_zps53e39776.jpg 
602824_10101684234417572_1713181745_n_zps7d29eb4b 602824_10101684234417572_1713181745_n_zps7d29eb4b.jpg

After looking at just these handful of pictures I would venture to say my sister started this tradition =) 
I have limited access to my photos here on my lunch break but I think you get the idea.  I hope it made you smile on a Friday!

I don't know why we do what we do but I hope it is something we always do together.

Happy Weekend!

Do you have silly traditions with your family?



Kaity B. said...

Ever After!

I'm the Queen of random references ;)

Aubrey S. said...

What a cute post. Looks like a great way to have fun. Do you do this on birthdays too?

Rorie said...

Too cute!! Makes things fun!!

Faith said...

So cute! :) you and your sister are adorable together!