Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mid-week Happies and Finding the Next Big One

EEEE!!! This girl is SO excited that tomorrow is Friday already! As I mentioned earlier this week, it is my first full week back at work since the holidays and I have been dreading it.  only because I have been worried that the week was going to creepy-crawl by and take FOREVER.  Thankfully that has NOT been the case so far!!

A happy mid-week treat for me was getting my hairs cut! I LOVE that feeling! I always feel so refreshed after getting my hair washed, cut, and styled! I absolutely adore my stylist - I have been going to her for about 5 years.  I send everyone to her because she is awesome and so affordable.  So I went and had my hair done at lunch yesterday...did I mention she is pretty quick too??  Oh and I know it is just a hair cut and trust me I would really like to highlight my hair again but that would require me to go more often AND it would cost more money! So I'll just stick with what I have and since The Husband loves it and I don't dislike it =) picture from RIGHT after the cut yesterday
IMG_20130109_120133 IMG_20130109_120133.jpg

So I am constantly looking for new books to read.  I get a lot of recommendations from my mom.  We have always always swapped books with one another.  Someone on a blog yesterday was posting about a book - I'm sorry I can't remember who - and it got me thinking about all the reading I have done since elementary.  In Elementary, I read the Babysitters Club and then Goosebumps when I was in 5th grade.  I upgraded in Jr. high to R.L. Stine's Fear Street series.  I  am sure they were pretty corny but I LOVED them.  One of my favorites was probably The Perfect Date, The Fear Street Saga, and The Catalina Chronicles. Did anyone else read these???

I have graduated to other scarier/thrilling books.  I read romances here and there and was sucked into Harry Potter and Twilight. I even read Fifty Shades of Grey but mostly I stick to thrillers. Right now, my imagination is in full force, which means thrillers are kind of out of the lineup for now.  

I'm looking for new reads and something that isn't boring.  I am the type of reader that if I'm not interested in the first 30 pages, I put it down. I read for pure enjoyment so, obviously, if I am not enjoying the book, why use that time on something I'm not enjoying?  My point exactly! soooo this is where you lovelies come into the story! =) 

Where do you find your next book?!

 I know there are websites out there that are suggestion sites; you type in a title or author and the site pulls up similar content.  I don't like doing that.  I want suggestions from real people!! Truth be told, the way I use to pick out new books at the book store was based on the spine or cover catching my eye.  Then I would read the summary on the back or inside the jacket....if I am thinking I'm pretty interested, I will read the first couple pages.  I know I know you are probably shaking my head at this method but books can get expensive! I should probably start going to the library but that place can be SO overwhelming! And in this digital age of E-Readers, I don't know how to find books to read any more, because the old method doesn't really work!! Someone help me =) 

Happy almost Weekend pretty people!!!



Shannon said...

I know this trend has long passed, but have you read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series? I didn't think I'd like them, but they were phenom! The first 30 pages on TGWTDT is rough.. I skimmed through it, but once you push through that, they are page turners!

I haven't read the Hunger Games books, but I keep getting told how great they are. I'm not really into reading ALL of the trendy books..but some don't hurt.

I'm also thinking about going back to my AP Lit books from high school. Lord knows I didn't read them then, so I guess I'll try it now! haha

Amy said...

Check out "One Summer" by David Baldacci. It's an excellent read! said...

I agree on TGWTDT series. You would run after 30 pages, takes over a 100 i am sure to get into it.

I have the same method you do except if it is something by one of my fav authors i dont bother reading anything, i just grab lol.

On my e-reader i got some free books then got the rest in the series (lots will post the first one free to get you hooked lol).

I read every. single. day. I can not fall asleep without reading lol.

Adrienne said...

I do the same thing when picking out a book, Ash!!!!! Now that i have a Kindle, it's a wee bit harder. My next book, that is already loaded on my Kindle, is World War Z. The movie is coming out this summer, starring Brad Pitt, if that interests you at all ;) I'm not sure what it is about except for the fact that it's zombies. :) I hope to dive into it soon. I'm a thriller reader too. But I read all over. Have you ever read the Alex Cross series? I read most but stopped and am feeling overwhelmed to start back up because there's so many new ones ;)

P.S. I was obsessed with R.L. Stein's Babysitter Series!!!! I used to write spin offs for school projects ;)