Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The One With a Little Drama and Some Emotion

So as I mentioned -briefly- last night in my post, I had quite the emotional and exhausting weekend. The hardest day this weekend was Saturday. Geez it sounds SO dramatic doesn't it?! Well it isn't for a lot of society but it was for me.

I was able to see my best friend - in fact she was my first friend when I left for college. We met at band camp. There are TONS of pictures of us together, at rehearsals, hanging out before the game, in uniform in the stands.  Later we reconnected and she was one of my bridesmaids.  We have spent countless hours talking, shopping, working out.

Two years ago her husband was presented with a wonderful career opportunity. I was very happy for him...except that meant Krissy would be whisked away to North Carolina. They have been there for about two years and I hadn't seen her in just over a year.

A couple months ago, she called me with very exciting news...
She was expecting a little bundle of joy - a baby girl.  I was so thrilled and a tiny bit disappointed that we had to share the excitement over the phone, but she told me that the baby shower would be a baby party and the best part?! It was going to be held a mere two hours from where we live! I told her I wouldn't miss it for anything.

This past Saturday was that day. My parents, The Husband, and I all loaded up for the baby party. Krissy has to be one of THE CUTEST pregnant people EVER.  She is only pregnant in her belly! I couldn't stand how wonderful and happy she looked. I spent a few hours socializing with her and her husband.
 photo SAM_0391_zpsc95b1b35.jpg
My mom and I both handmade her some gifts for their little bundle. Krissy and all the other guests loved the personalized gifts. I took some pictures of the beginning of the project - I made a diaper bag.  When I posted pictures on Instagram, it was mostly finished.  In addition, I also made pacifier clips - they were so adorable! The thing is, I didn't finish the projects until the drive up because I had to do a lot of hand sewing. Since I didn't finish, I also didn't remember to take pictures. Then we got to the party and I was so excited to see Krissy the last thing I thought of was to take pictures of the gifts.

It was time to leave and I was incredibly sad. I miss my friend.  We talk on the phone but it isn't the same. We used to run together and bond; shop together; spend tons of lunches together. We are both pretty busy people so our schedules usually don't line up for long phone calls.

 photo SAM_0392_zps54e2f951.jpg

I'm not going to lie, I cried a bit walking out to the truck to leave on Saturday. I hugged her a million times. I even wrote on the 'advice for mommy' cards to move back here.  I know I know - so selfish.  They are planning on coming back; Her entire family lives within two hours from one another. it really does make more sense for them to live here.

Until then, I will cherish my phone calls with her and the time I do get to spend with her.  I'm hoping after the baby arrives, The Husband and I are able to make a trip to visit.


Betty said...

It's so hard living far away from good friends like that. I'm glad you were able to go to her shower and hopefully are able to plan some future trips!

Mandy said...

Aww! Girl, I completely understand how you feel! My best friend (for 12 years) and I met b/c our husbands were in the Marine Corps together. We haven't lived close by each other since 2005 and I miss her so much! We just saw them last June (we now both have kids so we make it a family trip). So I definitely know what you're going through. Hopefully you guys get to go when she has the baby!!

Faith said...

I completely know how you feel. My BFF lives far away and I miss her so much. Talking on the phone really isn't the same. I treasure the time that we are able to spend together since they are so far and in between.

Glad you were able to spend time with your dear friend. She is beautiful! Congrats to her!

Xlovehappyx said...

you seem like such a good friend :) congrats to her on the pregnancy and i know you two will see each other more often!