Monday, August 26, 2013

The One and Only Time I Will Ever Post About an Award Show

I'm just saying that the VMAs should have just stayed the JT and *NSYNC show because everything after Lady Gaga and before JT was just not good.  Like train wreck - things you can't make yourself unsee - terrible.

Save for this moment:

I adored the 60 second reunion.  Please come back!
and BTW - can we just talk about how incredibly entertaining Timberlake is?! I mean seriously - he has been performing for, what, two decades? I can't wait for Part II of the 20/20 Experience to come out at the end of September.

I LOVED Macklemore's performance of Same Love with Ryan Lewis.  LOVED.

I thought Rihanna's lack of emotion of just about any kind was absurd. if you are going to be so bored, DON'T GO! Seriously, could she have looked ANY less interested.

I didn't make it to the end of the show, I just couldn't. It made me sad to see the fashion disasters, and the ridiculous winning of the lesser talented over the hugely gifted.

I will leave you with this little gem though - remember VMA 2000?  Britney Spears People.  Remember how risque THAT performance was thought to be?  I watched it again and have a MUCH different perspective on that performance after the train wreck between Robin Thicke as Beetlejuice and whatever was going on with little miss Cyrus.

And with that - thankfully Monday work day is coming to a close.

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Gee said...

Lol I keep hearing nothing about the VMAs but Miley. hahahah! truthfully i cant remember the last time I watched a music awards show.

A Life Less Traveled said...

I remember that Britney performance. NSYNC and JT were the only reason I watched the show, I stopped caring about the VMA's years ago.

C Mae said...

Britney's performance never once made me feel uncomfortable watching..not even 10 years ago when it aired...She DANCED and had a lot of dance talent and didn't dry hump any male dancers on stage unlike Miley who Robin Thicke is 36 and MARRIED with a kid and Miley is 20 not even legal to drink. Gag.