Sunday, October 17, 2010

From the Couch {Tutorial}: Etched Mug

This project was kind of done all over the place BUT it's a 'From the Couch' project.  Since discovering a coffee I will drink, I have had aspirations of using a cute and CUSTOMIZED mug.  I thought about painting one but didn't think that would be the safest route to take.  Then I remembered that I have Glass Etching Solution!!! WOOO!! Now to find that perfect glass mug....
WalMart was the winner in this scavenger hunt.  AND for $2.50 how could I pass it up?!?
I took my new treasure home and thought about what I would etch into the glass...the letter "W" for sure -- since it IS the first initial of OUR last name (for those who are close to me, you know it was also the first initial of my maiden name lol). 
I looked through my cricut cartridge books {Sorry Tami -- this is another project with my Cricut ;)} to try to figure out what design I wanted on the other side.  I thought a hibiscus would suit very nicely. 
I cut out the shapes with my cricut on VINYL.  This is important, as the vinyl sticks to the glass...which is necessary when applying the etching solution.
I put the vinyl on my mug.  Be sure to use the the 'scrap' cut -- as in not the MAIN cut out piece you would NORMALLY use.  You want to use the outline of it.  Here, a picture can explain better =)
Then, I covered the exposed glass with the etching solution using a paint brush.
I left it on for about an hour: which is WAY longer than needed but HEY too long can't hurt it =)
 Rinse the dried solution off the glass and remove the vinyl. VIOLA!!!
Enjoy your personalized etched mug =)
The best part is since the glass was chemically etched, it won't rub off or wash off or anything! SCORE! =)
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Amelia Dence said...

love that! I want one now!

Tami said...

Gasp... that, that... that is adorable!!! I know I always say that I love everything you do- but it's so true!! And what a great new vessel to welcome coffee into your life (coffee is just grand and I'm glad you are joining the club)

That's it- the Circut is moving up to the TOP of my Xmas list this year. Man, I'm so jelly of all these cool projects you do with it! Crazy jelly :)

Betty said...

Wow! Your coffee mug looks fantastic-great work!

Nicole said...

well you can send it my way. My new last name starts with a W too ;) Very cute!

WhisperingWriter said...

You did a great job!

Faith said...

awesome job! those mugs will make me want to start drinking coffee. so cute!

Jamie said...

I so want one of these! my birthday is in January (hint hint) lol!! jk

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

The mug turned out great! You have all sorts of fun craft supplies!

cailen ascher said...

what a fun project! i saw martha do something similar but didn't know if "real people" could do it b/c most of her crafts are really only for professional crafters. there's hope for this one!

have a great week!