Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cricut Imagine

For many of us, the Cricut is amazing. The follow-up Cricut Expression is fabulous. PC is really attempting to out-do themselves. They unveiled the Cricut Imagine -- a machine for cutting AND printing. It's a bit larger than the Cricut Expressions and comes with a larger price tag (talk about sticker shock!). You can see in these pictures that PC partnered up with HP for this newest addition to the Cricut line.

I was over at Creative Critters Cricut Club, and saw videos of the Cricut Imagine! She posted some videos from the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) conference she is currently attending. Thanks Tammy, for sharing this with us!!

I don't know how sold I am on the new machine -- simply based on the fact that I have the Cricut E and LOVE it!
Nevertheless, here are some of the details of the Cricut Imagine:
- HP makes the inkjet print element and then sends it to PC to install in the Imagine.
- Dual ink cartridges: Black ($34.99 MSRP) and Tricolor ($39.99 MSRP).
- Cartridges should print 150 full pages.
- Machine ships with full-size ink cartridges.
- Imagine uses the same blades as the current Cricuts.
- Available 9/14 on HSN.
- MSRP is $599
- Weighs 28lbs
- Gypsy update to be released on 9/13 that will let the Gypsy work with the Imagine.
- Works with current Cricut cartridges.
- They will be releasing cartridges if colors and textures that can be used as “fill” in existing shape cartridges.
- Blade and print head do not ride on same carriage like patent filing detailed.
**additional info found at Scrapbook Update

I think what pulls me FROM this is mostly the cost. With the current machines you have the cost of the cartridges already. This new machine, you have the additional cost of the ink cartridges. I feel that unless you are a crafting machine and that's pretty much all you do (make cards/tags/scrapbook/etc 24/7) sticking with the Cricut Personal or E will definitely fulfill your needs. Then again, some people adore having the latest and greatest! =) I would LOVE to hear from anyone who is going to purchase it or when it's released, your review of the product.


Ashley said...

So far I'm not a fan. A couple people were mentioning that there is a white space surrounding the images. Also, you can't change the color on the images, which I'm not a fan of.

Unknown said...

Ashley -- thanks for the info. Now I'm even less sold on the product. I really think with something like this, you should have the option of changing the colors, ESPECIALLY for the money being shelled out.

Katie said...

Thanks for the update! I like the idea, but I think its like anything new--it needs time to develop ad more technology to support it. There are definitely times when I wish I could add some more details to my cut outs... I think I'll wait a few more years until I do any upgrading (and of course the price drops)!

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