Monday, November 15, 2010

My Weekend Was Jam-Packed! %

Friday night I checked something off my Day Zero Project!! I went to a high school football game! YAY!! My sister is a teacher and has been asking us to come support the high school football team.  We had nothing else going on Friday night so J and I drove out there to cheer on the Falcons! 
♥ The newly-engaged! ♥
The single best play of the game was from the kicker -- a girl! YEAH! She kicked off and the other team's receiver made it to the edge of the field and running full speed up the side line.  It came down to JUST him and the kicker. She speared him with her body -- it was unbelievable! He ran her over due to his sheer size and power...this girl couldn't have been much bigger than me! But she slowed him down enough that he didn't score.  She's one tough girl!  I KNOW she was hurting bad on Saturday!
As most of you know, I went dress shopping with my sister on Saturday morning.  She found The One! YAY!! She looks so pretty in it -- and it's definitely something I thought she would pick.  I can't share the dress with you -- sorry!!  But that would just be rude of me!
I CAN show you pictures of the 2 contending bridesmaid dresses that I tried on.  They are long and satin.

I like both -- I was just a little concerned about the heat and the satin not breathing.  So Wednesday night, my sister has asked me and one of her bridesmaids to go with her to Alfred Angelo's to try on a few dresses there::
OH AND -- these are our potential shoes -- which I am SUPER excited about! 
Saturday after dress shopping, J and I went out to a camp site where is future-potential-employer (keep your fingers crossed please!) was having a big weekend camping thing.  Don't be fooled by the word 'camping'.  These people had super nice trailers that they hauled out to the campsite =) We roasted marshmallows and had some food while socializing with the people that had come.  I ate like 12 s'mores before eating real food -- don't judge me!

Sunday, J and I drove out to my parent's house to take our family Christmas Card photo.  We haven't picked the photo yet, but here's a little sneaky peak:
Afterwards, J and I were finally able to go hang out at the house and just lay low...and cuddle of course! It's my favorite thing to do! 
We are in the final countdown for the 1/2 marathon -- 6 days from today! I am SO excited and really looking forward to this coming weekend -- although it's going to feel so short! Happy Monday!


Stuff by Ash said...

Love all the dresses, such a tough decision! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!

Pink Champagne, Gatorade, and MRE's said...

oo good luck running your half! hubs is doing a half this weekend and I somehow got stuck doing an 8k ha

Christina said...

Oooo, I like the dresses!

You look so pretty! I can't wait to see how the cards turn out!

Yay! The countdown begins!!!

Shawnte said...

I love the dresses! Fun weekend! I'll tell everyone about mines tomorrow!

Tutti said...

Wow! You weren't kidding when you said your weekend was jam-packed. And I love how easily you go from a football game, into satin dresses, to eating s'mores over an open fire, to getting dolled up for Xmas photos. I love it.

Betty said...

Wow! You had a busy the bridesmaid dresses & potential xmas card photo! :) Happy Monday!

Faith said...

i love that picture of your sis and her fiance. so sweet!

that is so cool that a girl plays on the football team as well. we didn't have coed football when i was in H.S.

how exciting that your sister found her dress! i love those dresses from Alfred Angelo! gorgeous!

you are better than i am. i would have had 16 smores!

what a jam packed weekend, indeed!!

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes! Can't wait to see which bridesmaid dress you choose!

Nikki said...

I LOVE Alfred Angelo! I wore one of his dresses for my HS prom!
Such a hard choice.. they are all so pretty!!

cailen ascher said...

sounds like a fun weekend! your sister's on top of things - finding "the one" already?! wow! i'm impressed. i'm still hunting....

Amber said...

First of all - love the makeover to the blog. I have obviously missed a lot!

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Can't wait to see the proof of the Christmas card! :)

Nicole said...

Wow sounds like a fun and eventful weekend! Your sister has good choices in dresses too!