Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crickets and Other Random Things

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I feel like this week has been so so long. I have been busy at work, which is all well and good but sometimes the days are just too long. It doesn't help that we have a cricket thing going on outside our house.  I don't think we are infested, by any means, but there are SO many out there. And holy moly - they are SO loud!!! It is to the point that I haven't been able to sleep much the past three nights. I woke up feeling incredibly grouchy...that's never good. I am trying really really hard to be completely pleasant to people but the dumber people act, the harder it is. These crickets are getting so out of hand - last night I went cricket hunting with Ruger at like 2:30 AM!!! SO annoying especially because I didn't find the darn thing! The Husband's task for the day is to figure out a way to get rid of the crickets.

When I don't sleep well, I do my very best to feel cute/good about myself.  I spend a little extra time on my hair/makeup and pick out a cute outfit.
On Pinterest yesterday, I found this hair tutorial for the "Zooey Deschanel Look". I LOVE her - I think she is so cute!! So I tried out the hair style last night and wore it today:

I didn't curl my hair because it isn't quite long enough but I successfully did the pouf! WOO! Go me! For the tutorial, click on the picture on the right with the step numbers.

I bought my very first pair of wedges yesterday. Yes - very first pair EVER from Kohls!
Candie's Platform Wedge Sandals
I am in love!! These are so comfortable and adorable to boot! LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I am also in the market for cute but affordable pair of flippies (flip-flops). I have several pairs of flats and lots of heels...I need some flippies. Seriously - that is going to be my next purchase. Can you believe this Florida girl does not own a pair of flippies?! I had some when we moved to the new house but they ended up being doused in i have none =/

I also bought some new sunnies because mine fell off the table and shattered when they hit the ground =/ I shouldn't be SO sad because I had them for quite sometime but they were my favorite. THESE are fabulous:

Dana Buchman sunglasses

also a Kohl's purchase...I love that store!

Alright - I have to get back to work....but in the meantime, this is totally how I felt today:


J and A said...

Great work on your hair! So cute. Sorry to hear about the pesky crickets. I hope hubby can get rid of them. Love your purchases too! :)

Just a Jersey Girl said...

I hate crickets! good luck getting rid of them! i love those shoes

CeCe said...

Work has been super busy for me too! Days fly by but I'm exhausted. As for the cute. Since they are your first I will tell you to be careful your ankle doesn't ever roll to the side. One that ankle goes your whole foot goes with it. I've narrowly escaped disaster on wedges; but I love 'em too. You get height and comfort!