Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY: Card Keeper

I am a memory/keep-sake hoarder.  I can't help it. I think it is because I am .... well, was....an avid scrapbook-er. I am determined to get caught up and keep up over the next couple months.  So I keep ticket stubs and take endless pictures and anything I think would add to a memory in my scrapbook. Seriously - I even kept a couple colorful streamers that were thrown into the audience when I saw Wicked!

NATURALLY, I have kept all our wedding cards that we received two years ago. They have just been in an old Hallmark bag, being all neglected and stuff because I wasn't sure if I should do anything with them; and if so, what?! Yesterday, thanks to good ol' Pinterest, I found a link to a card mini-album! Such a great idea!!
Now I don't know that I would do this for cards other than the ones we received at the wedding...maybe for our anniversary cards through the years? I don't know. What I DO know is the senders of the anniversary cards have already differed from year one to year two.
As I was making my card album, I read through the cards. My favorites were the ones with the personal messages. I love extra love that is personally thought of and hand-written. It was so fun remembering being in that hotel room, after the reception ended, with The Husband and pouring through the cards and remembering the night.
Did you keep all your wedding cards?
If yes, did you do anything with them??


Shannon Marie said...

This is such an amazing idea! I must share with my best friend who is getting married in August! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kristen said...

I kept all my cards, cause I'm a memory hoarder like you ;)

I've been meaning to do the same thing with our wedding cards though, to make it into a book. I even got some of the supplies but just haven't done it yet since I can't find the time.

Donna said...

I'm a complete memory hoarder too! This is a great idea, I'm totally stealing this for our wedding cards in August (although I imagine I'll be walking around in Newlywed bliss for a bit so won't get round to doing it for a while! lol!) Thanks for posting this! :)

CeCe said...

Mine are all in a shoe box. I can't toss 'em yet I can't really DO anything with them.

Natalie said...

So THAT'S what I should do with all of those cards just gathering dust in a shoebox!! Love it!! :)

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

I LOVE IT!!! I started making one and have all the cards on a ring but I never got further than that. Love how yours came out!

Lynne said...

Hi. Hopefully I will not be introducing a super sad note, but let me encourage you to keep the cards. I have been blessed enough to be married for 30 years. There are a reasonable number of people (mostly relatives) who attended our wedding who are no longer living. Their cards are so much more precious now - even if the only thing in the card is their signature. The ones who wrote short notes are priceless. In this day of more and more electronic communication (not that that is bad, I mean, look at me - I'm emailing a blog for Pete's sake) something handwritten is truly a keepsake.