Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Strawberry Fest 2012

So every year for the last 4 years, The Husband and I have gone to the Strawberry Festival. We always have a wonderful time and I LOVE going. Well.....We wanted to get everyone together to go. They were all in but then we couldn't all decide on a day we wanted/could go. SOOOO I suggested we DIY it in town! It was going to be expensive to actually be at the Festival, like it is every year. We are getting ready to celebrate our 2nd anniversary - WOW! I KNOW! I promise, after tomorrow...well'll stop hearing about it for a year =)

SO we agreed to have it at my parent's house Saturday afternoon. I went shopping with my good friend Jess beforehand - found a CUTE outfit for work and another for mine and The Husband's date tomorrow. SO EXCITED!  We had to stop for Krispy Kreme doughnuts...2 dozen to be exact. Let me just tell you that it is SO difficult to NOT eat one when the smell is filling your I had one =) YUM! Oh so good AND they were a little warm melted in my mouth; for real!

Jess and I stopped at my house to meet up with The Husband and we made a sign for the 'Festival'. It was SO cute! So here we go...picture time!


My mom made HOMEMADE strawberry crepes 
That is homemade whipped filling in there y'all! DELICIOUS!!! Once she set them on the counter, we swarmed the plate...that is why the plate is less than half full. Seriously it was PILED high and we devoured them.

We also did chocolate covered strawberries. The absolute EASIEST way to dip anything in chocolate is to get the candy melts from Michael's/Joann's/Wal Mart - seriously SO easy. You just stick those bad boys in a bowl and microwave. SO SIMPLE and you don't have to add anything to them!

and of COURSE we HAD to have Krispy Kreme burgers...
Everyone was a really good sport about these. I think they are just fabulous! You have to get past the doughnut idea though. I talked everyone into trying at LEAST a bite...some even ate most of the burger...I ate most of mine and was very happy =)

we also had Strawberry Shortcake, a Strawberry Trifle, and Strawberry Daiquiris
We also had some Peach Bellini but didn't catch a picture. 
Now you may be wondering about the mini liquor bottle with the wannabe sombrero...That is a Limon Rum that my dad brought back from Puerto Rico to have us try. No one really loved it but that mini hat was a lot of fun to play with =) 

We had so much fun - my parents, my sis and her husband, our friend Jess, and my mom's co-worker with her two daughters. 
We wrapped up the weekend with lounging about rained all day yesterday. That was totally fine with me; it kept us home and relaxing which we definitely needed =)

How was your weekend?
Would you try a Krispy Kreme Burger??


Emily said...

Fun weekend! I have never had a Krispy Kreme burger but I wouldn't mind trying!

J and A said...

I have never had a Krispy Creme donut! And as a burger! Whoa! Looks like a fun weekend though! ) Love all the photos.

Michelle (michabella) said...

Funnnn!!!!! I've never been to the strawberry festival but ive been enjoying it being strawberry time!! :) I would not try a krispey kreme burger...for fear of a massive heart attack!

Café Moka said...

Im not sure about that Krispy creme burger ha!

But those crepes look delicious!

Faith said...

OMG, a Krispy Kreme burger?! Say it isn't so! Please describe how this taste!! And when I say, describe ... don't say "good" haha :)

and the crepes look incredible! this post has me all hungry now!

Natalie said...

What a fun idea--now you've gotten me craving something, ANYTHING strawberry! :)

afraley226 said...

I actually saw krispy kreme burgers on Man v. Food a few weeks ago! I have been wanting to try one, and after seeing your pictures, I may do it. Reading about all of your strawberry goodies made my mouth water! Congratulations on your second wedding anniversary:)