Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stay-cations Are The Best

Hey Y'all!!! I'm back!! I had to step back from everything -- well mostly everything and just take some time to be with The Husband. Work has been so stinkin' stressful and then we have been just SOOOO busy that we have hardly had time for just the two of us. In addition to relaxing together, The Husband and I also worked on some home projects.  We did a little of everything and I will share those projects tomorrow; I will share one tomorrow and then one on Monday or Tuesday. =)

After nearly two years, we finally felt compelled to go back to the beach. I know you are probably thinking we are crazy for living so close but never going but the truth is The Husband doesn't like the sticky/salty feeling and doesn't enjoy just hanging out in the sun so we haven't been in about two years. It just isn't his thing. I love reading in the sun and lounging but I know he would be bored to pieces!

A group of our friends were going and the guys were going to surf fish and surprisingly The Husband was looking forward to the trip. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, with a nice breeze and tons of sunshine! oh and word to the wise -- MAKE SURE TO PUT SUNSCREEN ON YOUR FEET. Seriously our feet were SCORCHED!!
It was so wonderful! I read my nook -- Catching Fire
The Husband caught some sharks. 
It was a great day! I think The Husband would even be willing to take another trip to the beach!
Oh and we ended it with a slurpee for the ride home. This girl LOVES a Slurpee!! YUM!!

Monday afternoon, we went shooting/fishing/hunting. Yes - we did all those things but thankfully only went to one location; an orange grove that a friend of The Husband's has access to.
He fished and I got bored so I grabbed a beer and hung out with Aeron while The Husband walked the ponds.
Car-bar anyone?! OK this is a lot little staged -- don't worry Mom!! =) 
We shot some plastic bottles while we waited for the sun to start setting so we could go get us some hogs!
I took a shot and missed. I was so sad! Seriously, it is the first thing I have shot at to take down and missed. I am sure some of y'all are not into harvesting/hunting but it is fun being outside and looking for food. I felt so Hunger Games without the fighting for your life scenario. I will tell you one thing - this girl would NOT have survived. Once we were dropped off in the orange grove, I felt VERY lost and disoriented. I know I would have just curled into a little ball and cried in HG. I definitely wouldn't have been out there alone - yes I'm a fraidy-cat even when I'm armed!

All in all, we had two full days of being outside. It was so amazing. We wanted to go out on the boat but after the beach on Sunday and getting a wee bit too much sun, we decided staying in pants or indoors was our best option.

Tuesday we did some grocery shopping and laundry. Other than that, we watched Unstoppable; awesome movie!  We also caught up on our recorded shows - like 100% caught up. We are NEVER caught up. I was actually a little disappointed because I don't like commercials and I like having a variety lol.

It was so nice to reconnect as a couple and as friends. Time together is so important for us - especially when we can be silly or creative or serious or whatever together. Sometimes it has to be all about US.

Happy Halfway through the Week!!!


Michelle (michabella) said...


Faith said...

looks like such a great time! love all your pictures!

CeCe said...

Glad you got some much needed relaxation. We live near the beach and don't go either. I also don't like that hot sticky sandy feeling. I love slurpees too but have never EVER managed to drink one without getting major brain freeze!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Sounds like a fun and busy week!

Betty said...

Glad you got some fun time with your hubby! And can I just say that sunny time at the beach in March sounds divine?!