Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Makeup Organization

Hey hey!! Happy Thursday! 

So this past weekend, The Husband and I did a couple quick and easy DIY projects in an effort to make me more organized.  In his words, I have a lot of clutter.  Any girl knows that I don't have clutter - everything I have out (makeup and accessories) are tools to make me more amazing =) 

Anyhow - I saw on Pinterest that some people were up-cycling spice racks as a nail polish organizer. I think this is a great idea. The problem I found was that I couldn't find a wooden spice rack...or a wall spice rack of any kind for that matter! SO I talked to The Husband and we opted to build our own =) 

2 - 6' 1X2 boards
chop saw/saw of some type
Nails/nail gun
6' piece of trim
spray paint
Liquid Nail
ratchet strap

OK so first thing - I wanted to mount this thing INSIDE the door on my side of the vanity. We SHOULD have measured the door but we didn't - off we went to the store. We over bought in material BUT it worked out perfectly for the second part of this post =) 

When we got home, we measured the door of the vanity.
We decided to make the shelf 14.5" tall and 9" wide. 
Then it was time to decide how many shelves - we agreed on four. 
Make sure at LEAST one shelf is tall enough to accommodate your tallest polish.
After you measure and decide on a size, make the cuts for your shelves and sides.
Nail these pieces together -- so you should have 2 long pieces for the sides and 4 shelves.
Measure and cut the lengths of the trim.  (4 pieces)
Nail the trim to the from of each shelf - this will keep your nail polish from jumping off the shelf =) 
We filled the nail holes with Spackle and waited for it to dry/set.

This is before the spray paint. I feel like you can see a little better what I am talking about in the directions.

I took this outside and spray painted it white. 
Once the paint was dry, we put liquid nail on the back side, stuck it to the shelf.  We used the ratchet strap to hold the shelf up tight against the cabinet door until the liquid nail dried.

Load with nail polish! =) I LOVE that it can see all my polish AND it is out of the way. This beats the heck out of having them in a drawer or box all piled up on one another!

So since we OVER PURCHASED on the 1X2, I decided I wanted a little more organization in my makeup drawer. Make some measurements, cut the wood, nail it in the drawer and TA-DA!
I can actually fit all my makeup in the drawer AND the more amazing thing...
I can FIND it all!! No more staring blindly into my messy make up drawer =)
Each piece has it's own designated area =) YAY!

So that's it =) These projects took all of 2 hours combined. We - well I -- was also cleaning out under my sink cabinet and getting rid of old makeup so it probably could have been done quicker =) 
Oh and speaking of under the cabinet, does anyone else think it is absolutely preposterous that they don't automatically put some sort of shelf on at least ONE side in the bathroom vanity cabinet?!

Have you done any DIY projects lately?
How do you keep your makeup and nail polish organized?


Arielle said...

looks great!!

Syndal said...

I seriously love this..I am going to have Pete make me one of these polish racks!

J and A said...

That is amazing!!! I need both!!! :) said...

Those look awesome, i need them as well. I currently have bags in my cubbyhole of my desk for nail polish & make up. I have as much np as mu. I wouldn't have to search through everything to get what i want lol.

Kristen said...

Buying a divided makeup organizer was my best idea ever. Idk what I did without it....haha