Monday, April 9, 2012

Where Did My Weekend Go?!

Hey hey!!

I couldn't believe last night when I laid down in bed that my weekend was OVER! I was bummed but my weekend, while FULL, was a LOT of fun!

Friday night, we didn't do anything and The Husband was asleep on the couch by 7:30.  He woke up around 9 and decided we should watch a movie.  We have had one of our Netflix movies since JANUARY.  It was Twilight and he actually sat through the whole movie with me! =) I saw it in theaters right after it came out - to be honest, I thought the movie was almost walked out of the theater terrible.  This go round, it was definitely more tolerable. I just would NOT have cast Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan...I think she is terrible but whatever...I do believe I am like 1 of THREE people who feel this way lol. 

Saturday, we were up bright and early to shop with my mom.  Dad had a presentation to work on, so it was just Mom, The Husband, and I. We had an absolute BLAST.  My parents agreed to re-stock my wardrobe for my birthday so Saturday morning that is what our shopping list was for = YAY birthday! =) I had such an amazing time!! We laughed a LOT and I am getting some amazing items! I can't wait to share.  My mom took the clothes with her to show Dad AND so she could wrap them; yes I LOVE unwrapping gifts =) 

Saturday night was spent at Senor Frogs for a friend's birthday.  
Have you ever been? The two times I have cruised, I have never made a trip into a Senor Frogs. I will tell you that initially I was overwhelmed by the noise and everything that was going on. We had such a great time; lots of laughing, drinks, and dancing =) 

Sunday, we tried a new church that both The Husband and I LOVE! We will definitely be going more regularly which makes my heart happy =) 
We spent time with both parents/families and suddenly our day was over! 

When we FINALLY got home Sunday evening, we watched Robin Hood with Russell Crowe.  I LOVE him - I think he should ONLY do period movies! I really really enjoyed the movie; I think tonight we will watch Gladiator =) 

Today - I am suffering from a food hangover.  
When I eat a LOT more than I normally do, I feel like I do every want to eat again. 

Yesterday was one of those days. I missed breakfast because we were running late for church.
THEN when we finally ate at The Husband's parent's, I ate way too much, only to repeat the same mistake a mere 3 hours later. 

Hopefully, by this weekend, I will feel more up to eating lol I can't WAIT to celebrate my birthday this coming weekend! 

How was your Easter?


CeCe said...

We finally watched our three movies we've had for a long time...not since Jan though you got us beat. My weekend was great! I know what you mean about over eating and then totally losing your appetite for food. I did that last weekend and I had no appetite for about 3 days!!

westcoastsoul said...

I love your Easter dress!

Natalie said...

I've never been to a Senor Frogs, but you look like you had so much fun that maybe I should consider that next time I'm near one!

Also, I LOVE that dress--the color is so beautiful and spring-y!

Jess @ Living On Sweet Tea said...

I agree. Kristen Stewart is not my fav actress by far, bleh. I totally have a food hangover today too!

Faith said...

Oh boy! I ate so much this weekend but I'm still eating, haha. Your parents are so sweet! Looks like a great weekend! Love all the pictures!

We visited a SeƱor Frogs when we went to Mexico :) we liked it!

Nicole said...

We went to Senior Frogs in Hawaii, it was a blast! I think we found one in Vegas and are going to go :)

Anonymous said...

Ok I have followed your blog well over a year now and don't comment too much. But we recently moved to St Cloud and it just occurred to me you live here so I scrolled and scrolled till I found this post. Is there any way you would email me the church you all loved? We have been looking for one since we moved here. You can see my blog at and my email is I enjoy your blog and even more now that I recognize things.