Friday, April 20, 2012

Doing Nice Things Gives Me Warm Fuzzies

Happy Friday Friends!!! 
whew! This girl has been SO tired this week!! 

We have spent the better part of the week helping some sweet friends remodel their parent's kitchen. 
As you can see from the pictures below, EVERYTHING needed to be done. 
Over the course of about six days, The Husband and I, along with a few other couples have been helping on and off this past weekend and after work. 


Here is what we were able to help with this week. 


This was a surprise for Marc's parents while they were out of town for the week.
It needed to be done and Marc and Christy asked for a helping hand.
We were thrilled to be a part of it! 
I can't wait to hear their reaction =) 

Well peeps - that's all I have. I'm exhausted and I'm ready to lay down. 
Can you believe we actually do NOT have plans for this weekend?!
AND it is supposed to rain so I guess that is God's way of saying "RELAX!"
Five o'clock is still five LONG hours away but I'm sure I will manage.
I WILL be getting a LARGE Dr. Pepper at lunch to get me through.
Hopefully, I will feel alright enough to go for a run after work...we'll see! 

Happy Friday! 
Have an amazing and relaxing weekend!



Unknown said...

You are such a sweet person!!! It is refreshing to read things like this! Doing nice things for other people is the best!!! God bless you guys!

XO Lori

Syndal said...

WOW! that's amazing!!