Thursday, June 17, 2010

After Wedding Project

After the wedding, I had all this stuff left over -- all my DIY projects; cake topper, napkins, favors, etc. I took much inspiration from PW (Project Wedding) and decided to make my own since I had so much left over.
the garter that is hanging on the corner was made by Meemaw (my mom's mom) and was the 'keep' garter. She hand made the beauty to my specifications. She also sewed a little pocket on the inside that has pennies with both mine and John's birth year and a penny dated 2010. In that little pouch I also kept my mom's grandmother's wedding band in on our wedding day. Meemaw is also the one who submitted all the details for the newspaper article that is in the shadowbox. The article was nearly a half page and ran in the Verenon, Texas paper. It's SO sweet!

I also had my aisle runner left. It had been a last-minute project but a DIY project nonetheless that I ended up being very pleased with! I had spent a number hours on it - between working with John to create the monogram and then painting it, with the help of my wonderful mom (Thanks Mommy!)! On our wedding day, it was too windy for the ENTIRE runner to be used. I suggested we cut off the part that was personalized and simply use that. It worked out nicely! Somehow we managed to keep track of this piece of cloth traveling from Jacksonville back to Orlando and I framed it when we got home. I figured since I had put so much effor into it that is should be on display! So it lovingly hangs about the shadowbox at the end of our hallway =)

My husband and I went out Friday night with his parents. We did some karaoke and ate some yummy food. I decided to test drive the hair flower I made last week. I LOVE it!! I felt so stinkin' cute wearing it!!! =)

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you are so stinking cute!