Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not As Productive as Planned

Well Husband had most of the weekend off, SO I spent a LOT of time with him. Since he has been working so much, I decided to take advantage of his time off and just enjoy his company. When I wasn't with him, I was at a sraft store with my mom and sis. OOPS!! Haha! =) We had a great time and I bought all the stuff I need to finish the projects I have planned.
I DID however, get the bag order finished for my girl Simone =) ::
I am REALLY happy with the way they turned out. They are solid and beautiful! AND the most important thing is that she LOVES them.
That big purple flower is for one of the hair accessories I want to make in the near future. Maybe I'll work on it while sitting on the couch with John this week =)

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