Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Feel Pretty!

It’s only half way through the week and I am not sure how I’m going to make it. Work has slowed tremendously SO I thought I would update!!
This past weekend I ALMOST finished a dress — I only have to hem it =) WOO HOO!!! SO I am going to post pictures of that dress in the next couple days. I REALLY need to find some cute red shoes to go with it…maybe these by Pleaser USA::

haha!! I’m just kidding!! =) These are actually what I had in mind::

These beauties are Nine West shoes AND they are on sale!!
BUT I think I may wait another pay check because I am getting ready to buy these lovelies that my amazing husband is encouraging me to get:

I’m supposed to buy these blue beauties by Romantic Soles today!!! I just LOVE the color!!

I have pictures of 2 dresses I have made…one some of you may have seen already, as I wear it regularly:

I had also made another dress that I was going to wear on our honeymoon cruise but accidentally left it in my craft room — OOPS!!! So it has yet to be worn and I am not sure what I’ll be able to wear it to…maybe a wedding?? I haven’t decided.

There is another dress I have been working on. I didn’t have a pattern and couldn’t find one that I liked that matched my idea. So I have been ‘free styling’ the dress. I haven’t QUITE finished it either. I have to finish the skirt and then hem it. This too was supposed to be a honeymoon dress but I was so busy with wedding stuff, I never finished it. I may have to shorten it so I can wear it otherwise I think it’s going to be too formal because of the length =)

Another project I have tackled is making bracelets for brides at a more affordable cost than Etsy or other vendors. I really enjoy helping brides out =) Here is the most recent I made for a girl who just got married this past weekend.

Now that I have looked through my pictures of crafts and projects and thought about other crafts and projects — I want to leave work and get lost in my craft room haha!! Oh well maybe tonight!

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Faith said...

i can't get over how talented you are! it amazes me!