Thursday, June 10, 2010

All Things Fabric

This morning I woke up feeling particularly crafty. I had purchased several fabrics with certain projects in mind. I decided to dive right in and see what I could get finished.
First up, since it was so early, I tried my hand at something a little easier. I made myself a hair accessory -- a fabric flower clippy!! AND it's SO cute!! =) Next up was a bag for my lil' sis! I had made a tote for her as part of her gift for being my maid of honor, however, she wanted a much bigger bag! I let her pick the fabric and determin the size. it's HUGE!! I seriously think she could carry Ruger around in it!

Since my redecoration of my now beautiful craft room, I decided that I needed decorative pillows for the futon. I am going to make a few more buy I ran out of stuffing. the one that looks blue is actually a dark purple and for some reason the camera 'read' it as being blue.

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Faith said...

that is a HUGE bag! i thought i liked big bags! ahhh, what i would do if i knew how to make throw pillows. instead that is what i am going to be shopping for this wknd!