Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Interim

As you can tell, I am not very crafty during the week. Unfortunately by the time I get home after work, all I want to do is relax and just veg out with my hubby!
I do have inspiration for my next projects. First and foremost, I have to finish 5 tote bags to send to a girl. I INTEND to have that finished this weekend so my time can be free for crft stuff I want to do =)
I want to make a more 'formal' hair flower and hopefully it will look something like these::

I am leaning towards possibly aking it black so it isn't SO bridal. I also want to make some cluster earring and a matching bracelet/necklace. Here are my inspiration pictures for the earrings::

There is also a dress I have been waiting to make for MONTHS so MAYBE I will get a start on that =) Who knows! Check back after the weekend to see if I was productive!

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Faith said...

i wish i knew how to be crafty!