Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blue Da Ba Dee Da!

My shoes came in yesterday and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Just as fabulous as I hoped they would be!! They are by Romantic Soles and SO SO comfortable. I ordered a size 8 and they fit so well. The heel is moderately high (well really high according to some) but the shoe is constructed so you don't feel like you're walking on your toes with no support. I am really surprised with how comfortable they are. I also don't normally care for sling backs, I find them uncomfortable on my heel and normally I have a raw spot after wearing them for mere seconds. These so far today, have not caused any irritation on my foot/heel. I will definitely be purchasing this brand again!!
And now -- PICTURES!! =)


Anngela said...

Cute! VERY blue :) Would've matched the wedding pretty well!...I'll have to try this brand!

Faith said...

hot! can't wait to see the dress you pair with them!