Friday, February 17, 2012

I Confess I Have Relapsed


I confess...

I have relapsed.
It is so so sad - I have been doing so well.
I'm thinking if I blog about it - I will feel like I am being held more accountable....

I have fallen off my healthy eating train! I KNOW! "The Who-Manity!"
Today already I have had a pack of Fun-Dip - yes I hate. It isn't my fault someone brought in a bunch for Valentine's Day and I have no self-control today! AND I have had a kit-kat mini...I guess the saving grace so far is that they were both the individual candies.
I'm so ashamed!
Haha - OK it isn't THAT serious but now I feel bad because I have been eating a lot better over the past three weeks. I didn't think I would feel this bad but now I am sucking down water hoping to flush it out of my system and help settle my tummy! Ugh - stupid lack of self-control!

I confess...

I'm not an English teacher.
Incorrect grammar only mild annoys me but I don't judge
Misspelling only annoys me because there IS such thing as spell check - especially in electronic media.
The thing that really gets me is made up words that people use and think are ACTUAL words. Or even worse made up contractions! "I's" isn't a a word. that one probably grates on me the most. I'm sorry if you use it and we can still be friends - I'm not judging =) I love you! *smooch*

I confess...

I love Christmas trees
I love the lights and the decorations. I love the smell.
We didn't take down our Christmas tree until January 28th... *hang head in shame*
I know it was dead and pitiful but it was pretty when it was all lit up.

I confess...

John Mayer is one of the most annoying artists for me. That song "Say What you Need to Say" drives me bananas! Seriously - it's like, John - sweetie - just effing say it already hahaha =) The song feels like he just ran out of words and couldn't add to the song so it just repeats itself for an hour. so annoying!

I confess...

I am thrilled beyond belief that it is Friday! hooray!
and this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen....
 This Thing Looks Like That Thing of the Day
Happy Friday!

What are you confessing?


Lacey said...

LOL I saw that dog pic on pinterest last night and I burst out laughing.. soo funny!

C Mae said...

What have you relapsed in?

CeCe said...

I have a monster sweet tooth myself and it sucks!! After relapse comes recovery so you'll just have to get back on track.

Mamarazzi said...

is that a furry penis or a dog? LMAO

i totally gree with you on the whole I's thing...i mean really, do people not HEAR that it sounds wrong? and do not even get me started on TYPING it.


typos are on thing but that whole thing kills me.

sorry i am slow getting here, some weeks just get away from me. thanks for linking up, love your confessions and i really appreciate that you play along!