Monday, February 27, 2012

I Love the Fishes 'Cuz They're So Delicious

Hi! have y'all seen all the goldfish foods that are out now?! (note this is NOT the point of the post lol) They have 100 calorie packs...and they are pretty full pouches! They are delicious but the fish in there are a little small and aren't as air-puffed. I think they are so yummy =) Just in case you were wondering!

So I married a fisher/hunter man...this means that we do outdoor things fairly often. I fished when I was in jr. high but we used bread and cheap-o fishing poles. The husband uses high quality items and real bait or fancy lures. I have learned a ton from hanging out with him.  I could skip out on these adventures BUT I love the learning aspect of it and I like seeing personal progress. Plus he tells me he's proud of me when I remember some technique he taught me. Or like this weekend when I hooked and caught this fish ALL. BY. MYSELF!

That's what we did on Friday night after work. We met at the house with my dad and a friend and his brother and left our house to go fishing an hour away at 6:30! We were out on the water by 8. It was so much fun! we got home right around 1:30AM and we FINALLY got to bed at 3AM!  I was exhausted on Saturday because I woke up at 7:15AM! oh well =) My internal clock has a hard time staying quiet past 8AM lol!
Oh and for the record - I wish I could say I was ultra excited in the picture of me holding the fish by myself...sadly, that isn't what was happening. You have to hold those fish in their gill plate which sticks your hand in to the mouth...well they are REALLY strong! so the fish flailed a little and crushed my fingers =( that is why J is holding the fish for me lol
PS: we didn't keep this fish - it is considered oversize and we threw it back. =)

Do you learn from your significant other?
Do you fish or hunt?
Would you be willing to try if your man wanted you to?


asj said...

look at you! that is impressive!!! I would definitely fish - but I don't think I have it in me to hunt... just the shooting range for this gal! ;)

Nicole {Appalachian Charm} said...

I married a fisherman/hunter and I love going with him, plus he loves when I am there. Thats a huge fish girl..congrats!!

Emily said...

Wow, that fish is huge! I was never good at fishing and my Dad gave up, ha! I think he said I talked to much! :) Glad you can enjoy things like this with your hubby!

Betty said...

Wow! That is impressive! I haven't held a fish like that since i was 6 when I caught a bottom feeder (non edible) fish with my Dad. Your evening out does sound like a fun and different way to spend your Friday night.

Dana said...

Wow! What kind of fish is that? I would go fishing with my boyfriend but if we're using anything live as the bait, he'll have to do it. :) I'm not touching anything creepy or crawly!

Jessica said...

Holy moly, that is a big fish!! Great catch!

My husband taught me to fly fish this summer - he loves it, and it was fun!

-Jessica @