Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Dreamed a Dream

I'm one of those people who dream pretty much every night and actually remember the dreams. I dream realistic stuff and then there are the dreams where I'm a power ranger; or an aquarium that shared a wall with an indoor pool busts through and sharks pour into the deep end of the pool and people swim with the sharks. Yes it gets weird sometimes.
I have even had dreams where I wake up and I'm mad at someone for what happened in my dream. I don't mean to be but it isn't until I realize I'm upset with a person that the dream is remembered. Heck, I have even woken up and been frustrated with The Husband because of something he said in my dream lol.

Then there are the dreams like the dream I had last night. I'll dream about someone and then wake up with the intense urge to contact them - even if it has been a long while, in this case 5 years...

I dreamt last night, about an ex-boyfriend. Gosh, we had such a volatile relationship. I dreamt about his family, with whom I had become very close during the course of our relationship. It was so weird:
I went to his parent's house and saw his dad and his twin little sisters.  The Ex was there with his wife (I don't even know if he is dating for real and I have no clue where he is) and their child. His wife was really really mad that I was there even though I was married in my dream and she, clearly, had nothing to worry about. The wife of my Ex asked me to leave. I explained to her how much the family meant to me and that I think of them often. I just wanted to see them again.  She dried her eyes (she was crying for some very strange reason) and said "let's start over." She introduced herself to me but I don't remember what she looked like or what her name was - I just knew suddenly we were OK and I could stay.  The Ex's mother came out of the house. His mom was an alcoholic-chain smoker in my dream. This is so opposite of what she was in real life when I knew her.  She was very drunk in my dream but excited to see me. She hugged me and accidentally burned me with her cigarette. I remember his brother being there - though I never EVER think about his brother, as he was much older than us and the two boys didn't have much of a relationship. I was there to talk to them and have dinner...

Then I woke up.  Now, almost seven hours later, I want to email The Ex, his mom, his sisters. It is weird. I feel like there was never really any closure. It was definitely a break up the took a toll on his family as well as the two of us. I was really close with his family. But, obviously, with a 'traumatic' break-up, the family has to part ways with the ex (me).

I will probably never see these people ever again and the likelihood of me speaking with them is also incredibly low. But I think about them often. I know it hurt them when we broke up. I know it hurt him as it did me. I feel like we would be a little awkward if we were to ever run into each other - you know, like at the end of The Break-up; except without really missing one another.  I know that if I ever see any of them again, I will probably hide lol. Just kidding - but I have NO IDEA what I would say to them...let's be honest - probably nothing.  In the meantime, they will fade from the front of my mind, but they will always be with me. They were a really big part of my life - especially when my dad was in Iraq and my mom lived in NC. They were the family I had and relied on; they will always hold a place in my heart.

Hopefully the next time I remember my dreams - it will be something more entertaining - like I can fly or I'm a mermaid! =)

Do you remember your dreams?
Have you ever reacted in your reality to something that happened in a dream?


Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I've dreamed about my ex (THE ex) a couple of times since we got married. Every time I wake up, I am SO grateful we broke up and that I married an amazing man. I sometimes get mad at myself for staying in that relationship for as long as I did because he treated me like crap and I let him. I was a completely different person with him and I am SO much happier now.
I don't think you should email them, it could be misconstrued in so many ways. let bygones be bygones.

Courtney said...

It's funny, some nights I can remember exactly what I've dreamed and some mornings I wake up and can't remember a thing!! I tagged you in a post today!

Jessica and Stephan said...

I remember most of my dreams too! Although, they are probably 85% completely weird dreams! I should maybe post some of them.....they get quite weird, and make these odd transitions from one scene to the next that make no sense. They are dreams that make me sound like I'm on drugs, but I'm not! I promise!