Monday, February 6, 2012

Innovative Curbing

FANCY right?! I am so happy we decided to do this! We had a curb at the old wasn't anything spectacular but it was nice to have to keep the rocks on one side of the drive and the grass on the other =) The only thing was that J drove over it a lot when parking equipment in the yard. This made it crack and break and it wasn't the color we wanted. We knew we needed something at the flowerbeds to get a more finished look.



The sealer was still wet when these pictures were taken. It is drying a bit lightser but I am so so happy with it! The guys rolled a texture on it so it isn't completely flat/smooth. I really was against it but The Husband REALLY wanted it so we agreed. I LOVE the texture. It gives it a little extra something =)

We really like a shrub that we have no idea what it is called. It is a little shrub that is easy to maintain and blooms yellow - there is another in the 'family' that blooms purple. We can't figure out what they are called! Once we do, the plan is to remove the ugly little shrubs that are there now and plant pretty ones!  I never EVER thought I would be excited about gardening and plants! =)

Do you like to garden?
What kind of flowers or bushes do you have or want?


Faith said...

i LOVE it! it looks sooo good!

your house is so beautiful, Ashley!

Emily said...

love it, it looks really good! :)

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

I think you guys did a really good job! What other landscaping are you guys gonna do?

Jessica and Stephan said...

I love gardening and flowers!! But, my townhouse complex is still under construction, so no gardening yet.

I love country style gardens - lilies, daisies, big gorgeous peonease bushes (sp?), asters, bleeding hearts.

OH, and herbs...basil...MMMMM

April Rowell said...

I just love your house. It is so cute !

Mamarazzi said...


it's such a difference, looks great!

JMB said...

Love!! Your house is soooo preettty, Ash!!