Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hitting the Pavement

Happy Thursday!! And last day of January!!!

Sooo I haven't been running really since the half marathon I ran in December. I miss it but I knew I needed some time off because I have had a lot of pressure in my knee. I took the time off i thought I needed and tried going for a run. I can get a mile into the run before feeling the pressure.
I started doing other things to work out but they just don't satisfy me like a nice long run. PLUS - and this is a big huge PLUS - I was running with my Dad and I loved the father-daughter time I got out of it.

I took more time off and tried running again. Same issue. So my dad has continued running and I have been pouting. I FINALLY got to see the doctor today.  She pulled and pushed on my knee. I am happy to announce that there isn't anything major happening.  She said what I need to do is get fit for shoes. And that my xrays show that I have been very active for a long time.  The pressure sensation I feel is internal inflammation in my knee - nothing to be overly concerned with, just take an anti-inflammatory before running and make sure to get enough down time in between long runs.

Soooo it isn't surgery or some weird thing where I can't run again ever! Hip hip hurray! I am bummed that I am going to have to for real get shoes.  You see I was one of those people who could just hit up a Kohl's sale and pick my favorite shoe. Those days are finally over and I'm going to be getting fit for my very own 'grownup' running shoe.

That is my satursday morning plan and training resumes Monday!!!!  Yay!!! I'm very excited to get back out on the pavement.

Do you enjoy running?
How do you pick your running shoes?

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Adrienne said...

I'm so envious! I *want* to be a runner... Badly :)

I'm trying to build myself up for it but I always tend to trail off and find the couch again. :)

I keep telling my husband he needs to get "grownup" running shoes, but he won't. He goes through them so fast! Sigh... :)

Can't wait to hear about how your Saturday errand works out!